How to Use the Chrome OS Phone Hub with Your Android Handset


Chrome OS’s “Phone Hub” is designed to connect your Android phone more deeply to your Chromebook, similar to how Windows 10 can connect to Android devices via the Your Phone app.Phone Hub is designed to build on Google’s previous efforts to make Android and Chrome OS “Better Together,” such as Instant Hotspot and Google Messages integration.It helps to move more seamlessly between your phone and your laptop. This includes synced notifications and controlling certain things on your phone from your Chromebook.

One  need to connect your Android phone to ones Chromebook via the Computer Settings menu.

Press the clock on your Chromebook Navigation Bar (identified as the “Shelf”) to open the Quick Settings panel

To open the Settings, choose the the gear icon.

open Quick Settings and tap the gear

Go to the “Connected Devices” tab in the Settings menu in the sidebar.

connected devices in settings

You’ll see the “Android Phone” here. To start the process, click the “Set Up” button.

set up android phone

A new window will appear with a drop-down menu listing active Android devices linked to your Google Account.

 Select the one that you want to use and click “Accept & Continue.”

Type the password of your Google Account and click “Done.”

enter account password

If your devices communicate and authenticate correctly, both of them will be connected. Tap “Done” to go back to your Chromebook Settings menu.

The name of your phone will now be shown in the “Connected Devices” section. To continue, chose it.

Here are all the settings that pertain to your related Android system.

First, be sure that the “Telephone Hub” is switched on.

Allow the ones you would like to use.

Notifications: Notifications from “Chat Apps” will show up on the Chromebook on your connected device.
Recent Chrome Tabs: If you are running Chrome on your Android device, your recent tabs will appear in the Hub.

Recent Chrome Tabs: If you are running Chrome on your Android device, your recent tabs will appear in the Hub.

phone hub settings

You’ll see a phone icon on the shelf of your Chromebook. To launch the Phone Hub, tap it.

At the top, you can see the name of your Android device, its signal strength and battery level.

The middle section has a few action buttons that can control your Android device.

Enable Hotspot: If your phone supports it and you’ve enabled Instant Tethering on your Chromebook, the computer will connect to the internet on your phone.
Silence Phone: Silence the ringer and the notification sounds on your Android device.
Locate Phone: rings your phone loudly so you can find it easily.

phone hub middle buttons

Finally, the bottom section shows the two most recent tabs you’ve accessed on your Android device in the Google Chrome browser. Simply select one to open your Chromebook page.