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How to Install and Use AppVN app on Android

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With the number of third-party app installers that have been released in recent years, it’s hard to see how another could make any difference. But AppVN, recently released, is certainly giving the rest a run for their money. Already popular, it is one of the most comprehensive app stores that offers Android users an alternative to the Play Store. A kind of social network, too, AppVN offers thousands of apps, games, and more, and it’s all for free. Here’s what you need to know about this cool new app store.

How to Download AppVN on Android:

Installing AppVN on your Android device is easy to do:

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    1. Before you can install AppVN, your device needs permission to accept and run unofficial content. Open your Android Settings app and tap on Privacy or Security
    2. Find the Allow from Unknown Sources option and tap to enable it
  1. Tap the APK link to download the app store to your device
  2. Open the Downloads folder location and tap on the file – follow any on-screen instructions and wait
  3. When AppVN is on your home screen, the app store is installed and ready to use
  4. If you get caught by an App Installation Blocked error, it means Unknown Sources hasn’t been enabled – tap Mobile Menu> Settings > Security and enable it before continuing with the installation

How to Download AppVN on Windows:

AppVN also offers one more thing over many installers – being an Android file, you can easily run it on your Windows PC. Simply download a free Android emulator, and you can install AppVN. Make sure you have your Google account details to hand – if you haven’t got one, go ahead and set one up free now:

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  1. We recommend using the BlueStacks emulator, so download this from the official website
  2. Open the emulator and sign in using your Google account – leave it to set up. This may take a while, so be patient.
  3. In the meantime, download the AppVN APK file onto your computer
  4. Find the file and extract the contents
  5. Once the emulator is set up, drag the .apk file into it
  6. Another way would be to right-click on the file and click on Open With BlueStacks
  7. Or you can type AppVN in the emulator search bar
  8. Whichever way you do it, click the file once it is in BlueStacks and follow any on-screen directions to install it
  9. Once AppVN is installed, you can use it via BlueStacks

What is AppVN?

It is an unofficial app store that provides all the apps and games that the official app store won’t take, mainly because of policy restrictions. AppVN offers a great choice of modified games and tweaked apps, all with cool new features added and existing features unlocked. There are also plenty of game emulators, screen recorders, media apps, and much more. Where these apps differ is in that they have no geo-restrictions on them, unlike many official apps – wherever you are, all AppVN apps are available to you.

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Another way AppVN differs from the official store is that everything in the app store is free. All the apps and games and every in-app feature you would have to pay for with the official app and lots of premium apps, all free.

Lastly, the AppVN developers are active and are constantly monitoring the app store. If anything is wrong, it gets fixed immediately with an update, and other updates are released to improve security, provide you with a better app experience, bring new content, and much more. One thing you do need to keep in mind is that, because AppVN and everything in it are unofficial, none of the apps will be verified by Play Protect. That means your use of this app is at your risk entirely.

AppVN Features:

AppVN is full of cool features:

  • It has support for Android, Windows PC, and iOS
  • It is user-friendly and easy to navigate. A search bar helps you find specific apps or games easily, too
  • Completely free to use, including all the apps, games, and more
  • A huge choice of apps, games, emulators, eBooks, and more
  • Lots of modified stock games and plenty more on the way
  • Has support for many more languages than most stores. It takes up less than 20 MB of space on your device and won’t take up all your device memory or other resources
  • No need to register your details. If you use BlueStacks on your PC, all you need is a free Google account. The one-click installation makes it simple to get your apps and games
  • You don’t have to root your device

AppVN offers a comprehensive and free way of getting all your favorite apps and games. Download it on your Android device or PC today and take full advantage of everything it offers.


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