Twitter Is Testing A New Feature That Will Allow Users To Watch YouTube Videos


Twitter is testing a new feature that will allow users to watch YouTube videos.

Twitter is testing a new feature on Apple’s iOS devices that will allow users to watch YouTube videos right from Twitter, without leaving the app. “Starting today on iOS, we’re testing a way to watch YouTube videos directly in your Home timeline, without leaving the conversation on Twitter,” Twitter said from its official support account.

As of now, Twitter redirects users to the YouTube app when they click on a video. They must leave the Twitter app in the background. With the new feature, the videos will play right within the Twitter app, eliminating the need to switch apps. Check out the tweet below.

Twitter working on improving media-sharing experiences

Twitter has also been improving ways to share media via the app. The platform had also announced two new features last week that are still under testing.

The first of these is a feature for both Android and iOS apps that will allow users to see the full size of media on their timelines, instead of a cropped one that enlarges into the full version after a click. This will allow users to scroll through the feed to see media as it was uploaded.

Twitter said:

“Now testing on Android and iOS: when you Tweet a single image, how the image appears in the Tweet composer is how it will look on the timeline –– bigger and better,”

The app has also been working on the ability to let users share 4K images on Android and iOS. The feature once set up via the ‘Data Usage’ section, will let Twitter users share high-res 4K images.