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South African Snode transforming the cloud based cybersecurity platform

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Snode Technologies is focused on protecting companies worldwide from cyber-attacks. This is a cybersecurity firm that has won awards for being the best .Modern technology landscape is embraced by Snode with confidence. The clients’ challenges are put into consideration. Developing a deep and committed relationship with the selected partners is a priority for Snode. The problems are later tackled with deep skills, leading edge technology and bespoke cybersecurity solutions. Snode provides services across six continents on 24 hour surveillance. Monitoring is done for more than five million devices.

Snode Guardian.

Guardian provides security for your devices as they protect you against those you don’t. In this way they enable you build a robust security posture that minimizes future risks. These risks might arise with the ever changing technology landscape.

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The goals of the service offered by Snode Guardian Cybersecurity Platform are:

  • Validating that the Guardian platform provides detailed intuitions into the customer’s network activity. This ensures a proactive method of responding to incidences.
  • Identifying the cybersecurity risks on the systems selected. This is enabled via a data-driven and risk-based remediation.

Basic Pillars.

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Visualization of data.

Data created daily can be bulk. Data visualization is a feature that gives you an opportunity to easily view and manage the bulk volumes of data. The analyst is able to:

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  • Make sure that a complete and concise overview of the daily activities on time.
  • Connect with the data at any level.
  • Detect anomalous behavior that was hard to find out before.

Data fusion.

No matter the way that the data is formatted, Snode handles it by simplifying it down to one common denominator numbers. The numbers are processed on a petabyte scale for detection and response to take place.

Predictive analysis.

The use of personalized mathematical algorithms to find patterns of behavior offers an opportunity for Guardian to predict potentials risks exposed to. Incidents are also noted in this way. Predictive analytics enables our customers to:

  • Be wise in the process concerned with decision making.
  • Foretell potential outcomes that may arise.

Snode Guardian Cybersecurity platform.

  • A dashboard that is consolidated and interactive.
  • Real time contextual alert that enables the analyst to respond to all threats in your network diligently.
  • A single of source of truth by effortlessly integrating into your key data sources.

Worry no more on cyber-attacks as Snode has got you covered.

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Weddy Thuranira
Weddy Thuranira
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