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OPPO Reno5 50W Flash Charge: Unmatched

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OPPO has been doing a fantastic job, especially on its Reno line of phones.

The company decided to focus on the series, especially in the Kenya market because it is the sweet spot for people who want near flagship features on a reasonable price.

In 2020, the company released two Reno devices (probably more if you consider 5G models), but only the Reno 4 and Reno 3 got here.

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The Reno 5 succeeds the 4, and among its many features is its ability to juice up pretty fast, and keeping charge for more than a day, even two for frugal users.

Here are some of its battery specs:

Battery size: 4310 mAh

Speed: Fast charging with a 50W charging brick (Flash Charge).

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This is the same battery capacity found in the Reno5’s younger sibling, the 5F, but that one has ‘slower’ charging brick at 30W, which, surprise surprise, is way faster than even the most expensive devices from the likes of Samsung.

That aside, Flash Charge is just a souped up version of fast charging, OPPO’s proprietary charging tech.

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50W, according to the company, should top up the Reno5 in 48 minutes.

But can those numbers be achieved?

Well, yes, for the most part.

We got a little over 70 percent from a dead phone. The device fully charged in about 55 minutes to an hour, which is close to the advertised speeds.

This means, in practice, that you can wake up in the morning with an empty phone, and get more than half the tank in under minutes. Not many phones can do that.

We are also thinking about OPPO’s 65W charging adapter, which should even be faster. It is used in the 5G model of the Reno5, so we hope to see it make its way down to vanilla models.

We have so many good things to say about the device, including camera and gaming performance, as well as our overall thoughts about the phone.

Also, if possible, we will compare the device to the 5F, and determine if the 10K premium is worth it (the Reno5 costs KES 42K, Reno 5F costs 32K).

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