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Android Users Will Receive A Notification Telling Them To Stop Looking At Their Mobile Phones While Walking

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Android users will receive a notification telling them to stop looking at their mobile phones while walking.

Android users will receive a notification telling them to stop looking at their mobile phones while walking, a leaked new tool suggests. The feature is being tested in an update to the Digital Wellbeing app, tech blog XDA Developers reported.

Screenshots of the app show a notification will appear on the screen of the phone, with a prompt to look up.

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The tool by Google’s Android says:

“Get a reminder to focus on what’s around you,”

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Heads Up.

The feature, called Heads Up, is built into the Digital Wellbeing app – one designed to help users manage how much they use their phones.

For example, you can set a limit on certain app use, or silence notifications at set times. According to XDA Developers, the notifications can be switched on and off in the phone’s settings.

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Jay Prakash Kamat tweeted screenshots of Heads Up after spotting the update on his Google Pixel 4a phone.

Digital Wellbeing add “Heads Up”, a feature that warns you to stop using your phone while you’re walking. @xdadevelopers @thetymonbay @XDA_Forum_Admin @thetymonbay pic.twitter.com/5pEEgwuTMp

— Jay Prakash Kamat (@jay__kamat) April 11, 2021

Screenshots from the new tool warn:

“Heads Up doesn’t replace paying attention,”

The notifications would say things like “be careful”, “look ahead” and “watch your step”, accompanied by a “playfully related emoji”, technology news website 9to5google has previously suggested.

A notification when trying to use your phone quickly and efficiently while walking would be annoying but helpful in terms of increasing safety.

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