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Lack of PC Memory-Here’s How To Deal With It

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With each passing day, our use of technology demands more space to keep our data safe and secure. But this same technology needs to be taken care of so that you can use to it its best potential and hence knowing when your PC lacks memory a burning software gives you the extra storage that you need at minimal cost and lets you keep your data with you forever. 

Also, sometimes the memory problem arises because of our lack of information about PCs. Let us see what you can do when you face such a problem and how to deal with the lack of memory issue like a pro.

The Hard Disk Problem:

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One of the main reasons why a computer gets slow is due to decreasing memory and this decreasing memory is majorly affected by an old hard disk. If you have an old computer, your hard disk will be old as well. On average, a hard disk and functions properly for around three to five years and if your PC is older than five years, this means the shelf life of your hard disk is almost over and that is why it is giving up on holding your stuff to its full potential.

Your computer might also start giving out weird freezing sounds and that is a clue that your hard disk is giving up. Getting the hard dick replaced will solve this issue easily and at much less cost.

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RAM Issues:

A healthy functioning RAM is crucial for a PC to work smoothly. Apart from hard disk, RAM shortage is another issue that can cause your pc storage problems. While it is highly recommended to have *GB RAM, a minimum of 4 GB RAM is required by every PC to do even the basic operations like browsing and surfing the internet, nowadays. And while replacing RAM is an expensive procedure, if you know the storage problem is caused by the RAM then replacing is still the best option. Replacing the RAM will not only solve the memory and storage issue but will also make PC functions smooth and swift.

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CPU’s Mess:

What is CPU’s mess here? How can the CPU prevent the PC from storing your stuff and working properly? When a CPU is clogged which happens quite frequently, it often affects the processor of the computer making it difficult for a person to do operations on their PC without losing their mind. It also happens when a high-end device is connected with a low-end CPU. Another reason for the CPU getting clogged can be due to the function you are doing on your PC. You’re the task you are doing outweighs your CPU, get ready to experience a malfunction.

Sometimes CPU gets slow because of heavy software installation too. All you have to do is to find out the root cause if you think the memory problem is caused by the CPU and then getting it fixed or replaced.

Virus Alert:

The most unwanted yet easily available trouble a PC can have is called a virus. Viruses attacking your software and malware can be another reason why your PC has slowed down and is showing memory issues. To save your files and your whole system from the virus infection, installing an effective anti-virus is highly recommended to ensure your PC’s safety and smooth functioning.


Storage Space Drawback:

If you have small storage space in your PC and you haven’t opted for a PC with more storage facility then as soon as your storage will be full, your PC will start giving up on doing its task of saving your stuff and functioning without glitches. Understanding that every PC requires some amount of free space that can be used while browsing or doing other small tasks, is very crucial. If your PC’s memory is full up to the brim due to whatever reason, get ready to face browsing, storing, and freezing issues from your PC.

In this case, the solution can be using a DVD burner to provide you with extra and secured storage space. Unloading your PC from all the unwanted stuff will also help in the betterment of space issues.


There can be many external and internal reason that adds on to the memory issue on your PC. They further contribute to slowing down, data storing issues, and frequently hanging off your PC. The best way to solve this problem is by rectifying it and then grabbing the solution or just using a DVD burner to keep your files safe.

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Milcah Lukhanyu
Milcah Lukhanyu
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