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Why Do Pro Gamers Use 24 Inch Monitors for Gaming

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There are a couple of reasons why pro gamers recommend and use 24 inches, 4K monitors.

The main things why they use 24 inches monitors are:

  • They get higher frame rates in a 24 inches gaming monitor.
  • With a small gameplay screen, gamers are able to easily increase the head movement that automatically decreases the reaction time.
  • a 24 inches monitor is basically the standard size that is often used at the tournaments as well. In this way, there comes no fair advantage among gamers.
  • A gaming monitor with 24 inches screen is capable of fitting more tightly around the focal point of your eyes.

So these were the main reasons explained by most of the gamers. This was just a basic overview, let’s take a deep and detailed look at the above reasons now.

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  1. You can get higher frame rates with a 24 inches monitor

For pro gamers, especially those who are competitive, higher frame rates are very much important as compared to the high resolutions. 

Most of the gamers consider a regular 1080p resolution enough to deal with enemies and obstacles with the human eye. Gamers definitely achieve some good results with higher resolutions.

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But the higher resolution is not that much important for a pro gamer.

All of the pro gamers need better information from the pixels that are shown by them. That is the reason why the resolution is important but refresh rates also make a huge difference to enhance FPS that automatically adds an effect to the overall performance of a gamer.

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A high refresh rate means the information about the game will be displayed quickly on the monitor and the gamer will be able to react rapidly as per the given situation. This ultimately means getting higher frame rates.

Some of the 24 inches gaming monitors run on a 60 Hz refresh rate. However, in order to alter 240Hz over 60 Hz, we need 4 times more graphical computing power. When speaking about 4K with 240 Hz this means that you require at least 8 times more power. Most of the graphics cards are not capable of providing 4K with 240Hz that is why in many 4K gaming monitors when reduced the resolution to 1080p one can easily get 240Hz of refresh rate.

Most of the 24 inches monitors provide a higher resolution further accompanied by a refresh rate of 240 Hz. Hence, the 24 inches monitor is the right choice for gamers because it offers a good blend of resolution and frame rates.

  1. 24 Inches Monitor Help to reduce the head movements

Another good reason why pro gamers use 24 inches gaming monitors is because of their smaller dimension. The smaller dimension of such monitors rapidly decreases the head movement.

When playing games that require high frame rates and strategy, missing a single frame rate can lead to your winning or defeat.

There is nothing wrong with head movements but the thing is the magnitude of head movements is slower as compared to movements of your eyes. You can easily move your eyeball in order to look at several parts of the monitor much faster.

During gaming hours, pro-gamers use 24 inches monitors and they keep them a little bit close to their faces in order to look at the middle of their screen in order to play. The 24 inches monitors offer a smaller screen dimension that helps users to decrease the number of head movements. That is why pro gamers use 24 inches monitors to do eye movements and save time.

  1. 24 Inches Is the Standard Monitor Size in Tournaments

Out of different reasons, why pro gamers consider a 24 inches monitor is because this is the standard size of monitors used in tournaments to play different games.

This size is standardized across all the players around the globe. In tournaments, players and teams are not allowed to bring their own hardware as the wealthier teams may be able to get some unfair advantage of using high-end large monitors with better resolution and refresh rate.

So in the world of gaming, the universal size of a monitor is 24 inches with the same resolution, and refresh rates involved.

This fact leads gamers to use 24 inches monitors to get hands-on practice before joining any tournament.

  1. A 24 Inches Monitor Easily Fits Through The Focal Point of Your Eyes

Another important reason why 24 inches gaming monitors are widely used by gamers instead of large monitors is that they have the ability to limit the field of view according to what the human eyes normally have.

Our two eyes work together in order to create a sophisticated image of the outside world. In other words, our eyes work to help us in 3 dimensions and judge the place of an object in 3d space more accurately.

Hence, human eyes can only provide attention to a very small part, that is particularly in the middle.

The 24 inches gaming monitors have a small area and it perfectly reaches for your eye vision. In this way, your eyes can get familiar with the movement and large space, which is considered an awesome thing in the world of gaming.

So these are the basic and important reasons why gamers consider using inch monitors instead of large screens. If you have any questions drop them down in the comments.

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