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Telegram Messaging App Has Launched Not One But Two Web Apps

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Telegram messaging app has launched not one but two web apps.

The messaging app always had a web app, but it was not as popular as the mobile app has become over the past few months.

They were some major lags in the previous web app because it rarely got any update, unlike the mobile. However, now the company has launched two separate apps—the Telegram WebK and the Telegram WebZ.

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The challenges.

The web version of Telegram lacked some basic features. Users were unable to send something as measly as stickers on the messaging app, could not make video calls.

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But the new web apps are here to fill up the void. It remains unclear as to why Telegram launched two separate apps instead of launching one with all the features. From the looks of it, the app seems identical to each other. And of course, you can send stickers using both versions of the app.

The WebK and the Webz have two separate developers but both function pretty much the same way. However, you would notice very minute differences in the user interface of the two apps.

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What’s better about this one?

For instance, you can mute calls in the WebK version of the app but cannot do so in the WebZ version because there is no mute button. The search bar in the WebK is white in colour whereas the Web Z has a gray search bar. There are many such little differences if you delve deeper.

However, one important feature that the web apps of Telegram don’t have is the ability to voice call. Interestingly, Telegram’s rival WhatsApp had rolled out the feature for its web users a couple of months ago. Nonetheless, Telegram might soon release an update but till then you can check out the revamped web apps at the official website of Telegram. You will find the links to all the versions of Telegram including the desktop apps, web apps, mobile apps and more.

It has also been reported that Telegram is testing the ability to schedule voice chats in channels. As of now, the feature is available in the beta version, but the company might soon release the feature with the Telegram v7.7.0 update.

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