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How Will Digital Transformation Impact Customer Experience in 2021?

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According to PwC’s “Future of Customer Experience” survey, for 73% people customer experience is an important factor in their purchasing decisions; 43% of all consumers are willing to pay more for greater convenience; and 42% are ready to spend more for a friendly, welcoming experience.

The rules of digital customer experience are changing and businesses need to recognise these rules and adapt to the new dynamics in order to continue mastering the art of acquiring and retaining customers. Customer behaviour has changed drastically because of the pandemic and customer journey is steadily shifting from offline to online. Digital has emerged as the latest medium for consumer engagement and numerous organisations are leveraging digital transformation consulting services to stay ahead of the competition. 

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With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing dramatic changes in operating and business models for companies of all sizes, digitally driven business transformation is speeding up. Before understanding how digital transformation consulting impacts customer experience, let us understand what is digital transformation. Digital transformation is a process that recognises that the digital environment is constantly evolving, and that consumer preferences will change in tandem with the landscape’s ability to produce ever-better results.

Importance of Consulting in Digital Transformation

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Needless to say, the world is changing rapidly as a result of digitization and technology, competition is increasing continuously. However, most businesses lack the knowledge, skills, or manpower needed to complete their digital transformation. Many organisations are now opting for digital transformation consulting services that help in analysing a company’s technology infrastructure, procedures, and staff in order to maximise its short-term success while also ensuring long-term improvement. Not only this, there are numerous organisations bringing in their engineering expertise in cloud transformation services and helping companies in establishing themselves as digital enterprises of tomorrow. A streamlined digital approach supports and allows the following:

  • Identifying both potential prospects and market trends through social listening
  • Real-time engagement on multiple platforms
  • Providing omni-channel service that brings phone, email, chatbots together to deliver a seamless digital customer experience
  • Utilizing AI and Big Data to offer customized and conversational experiences

The connection between Digital Transformation and Customer Experience

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Organisations offering cloud transformation services helps companies to move to the cloud. These services help businesses build, assess and run their cloud environments thereby accelerating the growth of the business in a cost-effective manner. Here’s what to keep in mind when looking at customer experience and digital transformation:

  • Define your strategy and ensure you offer your customers a multi-channel experience while engaging with them and delivering as per their expectations
  • Reimagine your customer’s journey and build experiences that meet their demands
  • Use the right technologies and leverage digital strategies to stay ahead of the competition. For example, cloud technology is critical to digital transformation – it enables companies to be quick, flexible, and dynamic. Leveraging services like Cloud transformation can allow businesses to use technology to meet customer demands quickly
  • Know your customers’ purchased history and preferences and offer personalised experiences to them
  • Focus on offering real-time multi-channel experience

Data is changing the world

Data is assisting companies in expanding their markets, better serving existing clients, streamlining processes, and monetizing raw and analysed data. Companies need to accept their role as data guardians, leverage the services of cloud transformation, and view their data from a global perspective.

What’s ahead of us?

  • Provide excellent customer experience: Enterprises are in need of delivering accurate data and a positive customer experience, as well as storing their customers’ digital lives. Ascertain that your data model allows for reliable, ubiquitous, and real-time access to data and services. Companies must ensure that data and services are available in real time, on-the-go across any network, and customised.
  • Strategic cloud transformation: Cloud storage and cloud transformational services have emerged as a serious competitor for corporate data storage. There are very few businesses that can match the money, size, protection, and efficiency of the largest cloud providers. The global scope of such companies allows them to offer digital transformation services and cloud transformation Solutions to people all over the world, and their unified access allows company resources to tap into all of a company’s data now and in the future to drive analytics and artificial intelligence.
  • Embrace digital transformation: Dealing with digital transformation would necessitate possessing new skills, being political savvy, and partnerships with top management, in addition to new technologies.

In order to deliver a better customer experience, you should know what kind of a digital customer are you dealing with. The new digital technologies have caused a shift in customer expectations and customers often rate organizations on their digital experience first – so be sure you are the best at it! If you haven’t started your digital transformation journey yet, now is the right time to explore how digital transformation services can positively impact your business.

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