Smartphone as a remote control: the best apps for mobile phones and tablets


Tired of fighting for remote control with kids, or don’t you find it. With these apps, you can use your smartphones as a remote control easily.

Smartphones have long been used in almost all situations. Whether for navigation, hobby photography, or even to control the television if you wish. For the past few years, this has worked for all smartphone devices and televisions. Lost remote controls or dead batteries are a thing of the past. We introduce you to the best smartphone apps for the most famous TV brands.

Remote control for Samsung TVs: Samsung SmartThings

SmartThings App provides you with the ability to connect and control many devices more straightforward and faster.

The smartphone app “SmartThings” promises to be a control center for all your Samsung devices. A quick and easy connection and control make the app easy to use. From Samsung refrigerators to SmartTv, SmartThings lets you control a variety of instruments. The app adds compatible devices with just a few clicks around your location.

With the free app, you can not only operate and control your refrigerator but also your SmartTV. For example, you can stream media via the app or even select TV channels and start playing them.

Remote control for LG televisions: The LG TV Plus

Start taking control of your smart LG television using the 

 LG TV Plus. The apps work for LG smart tv that was manufactured from 2014 to the current date. For devices connected to the same wifi network, it is possible to control the LG Tv.

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The software also brings additional functions such as playing music or displaying stored images on the smartphone.

Remote control for Philips TVs: Philips TV Remote

Turn your smartphone into a remote control for your With the free ” Philips TV Remote ” app. You can use your smartphone to control current Philips devices such as TVs, Blu-ray players, or audio systems.

As soon as you have connected your mobile phone to your Philips devices via WLAN, you can remotely control your SmartTv, Blu-ray player, or audio system using the “Philips TV Remote” app. The app implements all control elements of a classic remote control: You can switch between programs, adjust the volume, or change settings such as Ambilight.

For all brands: Universal app “Nevo.”

Nevo lets you control televisions, set-top boxes, audio devices, DVD players, and more. 

In addition to the brand-specific control of the individual smart TV manufacturers, you can also use a universal app. With ” Nevo ” you can operate any TV set with an “IR bridge” and control modern devices quickly and easily using your smartphone.

If you have a device that does not require an IR bridge, you can reorder it and connect your smartphone to your TV via an external bridge.

The universal app “Nevo” offers many different functions and accesses a database with over 300,000 devices to always provide suitable parts for your television.