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5 Things You Should Know About VLONE

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Now, A$AP Mob’s Vlone is very famous. Now is the time to get a better understanding of the latest brands in many pop-up stores around the world (also Slam Jam’s Milan) and after cooperating with Off-white. 

When I was interviewed by Vlone, I looked at the status of these brands from my perspective. This idea seems to run counter to Orson Welles’s famous saying: “We are born, live, and die alone. Now, we are not entirely fantasied about fantasy. This idea is often found whenever they talk about Harlem, their livelihood, and, most importantly, the importance of VLONE, the words of the two rappers.

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So, here are 5 things you should know about Vlone clothing brand:

#1 You Live Alone, You Die Alone. 

It was Rocky himself that gave us the ultimate understanding of this new product and rejected the various stereotypes of the fashion house. No matter how authentic it is, it will not be regarded as a ready-to-wear collection. The entire title indicates this point: just die. “The rapper also wants to emphasize that VLONE is similar to the Teammate team. In this team, we found A$AP Bari, A$AP Rocky, and Edison Chen from CLOT, but there is no strict organizational structure. No. No one. He has. A lot of [official] positions.”-said Loki.

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#2 Friends. 

Barry showed the value of this Vlone shirt through his friends who wrote the least: “The few things are zero, and the lives are less. The smallest style. The least food. Subtract anything and you will get zero. Just Like an obsession, the new concept of “living alone, dying alone” keeps giving way.

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#3 Inspiration. 

VLONE is not only a simple clothing brand, but also a lifestyle to share with you. Therefore, the first source of inspiration in the creative process is the life of the rapper. Do you believe me your whole life? Actually, I don’t get up and go to the store to buy new fashions. “I chose to achieve my goal by overcoming obstacles rather than seeking truth directly,” Barry explained.

#4 Harlem. 

The rapper’s idea is the nickname from which Barry and Rocky (like the others in this A$APMob) came from. As Bari said, it reflects their history, their own civilization, a show that was inspired and hoped to be broadcast all over the world, “All I really have to do is take Harlem and carry it with me.”

#5 Pop-up store(s). 

Both rappers firmly believe in the importance of pop-up shops that can be regarded as fashionable, but they are a real way to sell their clothes to their loved ones. From the pop-up window on Fairfax Street in Los Angeles, you can point out that you really don’t want to be confused with most brands on the famous California Street. “I am not street wear. I am not fashion. I am a fashion leaf. Put my shit on your head, nigga, quit Bari, and reiterate that VLONE is not just a fashion, it’s their own life.

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