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How to Target VPN Users Using Facebook Ads

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Effective Facebook advertising starts with creating a compelling ad, but you also need to find and target the right audience to show that ad. If they are using VPN apps, this job can be quite challenging. VPNs are used by people trying to stay anonymous online, prevent spying, and to browse the internet freely. The question is, which audience do you want to reach? And How do you reach them?

Your potential customers are fictional, generalized characters that share demographics, interests, and goals with your real customers. Over 80% of internet users use Facebook, and 93% of marketers use Facebook as an advertising platform. So, you probably are asking what kind of strategies and ads will be the most profitable for you and your company?

How to target Facebook users that are using VPNs on a daily basis?

Here are the three basic types of customers you will come across:

  1. Saved audience – lets you target people based on demographics, interests, locations. For demographics, you have a lot of targeting options to choose from. Age, gender, language – you name it! As for interests – this one is quite simple. All you have to do is, to target people interested in your industry or industries related to your business. You can target people interested in your competitor’s products or services, magazines, and blogs covering your market. Type one of the interests and then you can look for suggestions that Facebook provides you with. Those are some of the options that you can use to target people. You can also target people through life events, ethnicity, political views, and so on.
  2. Custom audience –  lets you retarget website’s visitors, and people who have engaged with your content or app. Because these people have shown interest in your brand already they can be your highest value audience. There are a few different ways to create a custom audience. Create an audience by customer files, by website traffic, by app activity, by offline activity, and by their engagement on Facebook. This is a great way to target your blog subscribers or app users. Of course, retargeting your past audiences requires some extra work and can be harder if your visitors use antiviruses or VPNs. You will need to install a Facebook pixel on your website in order to track your visitor’s data. It can track when someone visits your website, or when they take an action like buying something, and it lets you target people based on those actions.
  3. Lookalike audience –  lets you target people who look like your existing customers. This is an automatic process that will ask you to target a similar set of people after analyzing all your previous steps and preferences.
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