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Collection and management of Google My Business Reviews

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Reviews can be both a blessing and a condemnation. They can affect a business both positively and negatively. 

Sometimes people leave negative reviews for the smallest mistake that a business has made or sometimes leave negative reviews without even using the services provided by the said business. 

Negative reviews always leave a negative impact on a business. Its ranking on google falls and at the same time, customers start misjudging the business. 

At the same time, positive reviews on Google My Business can enhance a business. A positive review indicates that customers are satisfied with the business. This increases its ranking on Google and also increases its popularity amongst consumers. 

Sometimes to get more positive reviews than negative ones, businesses buy google my business reviews

Attributes of Google My Business Reviews:

Leaving star reviews and writing proper reviews are two different things. Star reviews are not that useful for either google or business. This is because it does not explain why the customer is leaving the stars. 

To tackle this issue, Google has introduced Review Attributes. They ask the user to give a star rating, then they ask the client if they have used the service or not, and in the end, they ask about the services that the client used. 

To get some help regarding reviews, users usually visit Reviwzerz.

Important things about Review Attributes:

Some features of the Review Attributes should be highlighted. Let’s take a look at them.

Due to these attributes, Google asks users if they have used the business or not. This option will ensure that only people who have specifically used the business write down their reviews. This will prevent any fake reviews from coming up.

Users will also be asked about the services that they used. This will allow people to just choose the options rather than writing them down. This will not only save time for users but will also be helpful for the business. 

Google now also asks anyone who gives a 5-star rating to a business the reason behind their rating. Google asks them if it was the professional behavior of the company or its good value. 

This helps google greatly while ranking the businesses. Even if a person does not write a review, Google can always find out the reason behind the high star rating. It will also help Google conclude quickly. There is now no need to go through every written review to find out why the business is liked, instead just the one-word options can help Google out. 

However, certain businesses might not be able to view the option of review Attributes, but they will hopefully be available for all types of businesses in time. 

Do your Google Reviews have attributes?

You must be curious if your business can use the option of review attributes. To confirm this follow the simple steps given below:

  • Search the name of your business on Google.
  • Go to the reviews option on the Google My Business listing.
  • Choose the option “Write a review”.
  • Give yourself a five-star rating (Review Attribute works for five-star rating).
  • Check for Review Attributes. 

If you see them, this means your business can use them. However, if you don’t this means your business still does not fall in that category. 

Make the job easier:

It is evident that people usually don’t leave reviews because they are too lazy to do so. Therefore, make the task as easy as possible for them. 

You can create a link for your review page with ease and then ask your clients to leave you a review using the link. You can send the link to them via email, text message, etc. 

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