Top 3 Technologies That Are Defining the World of Online Casinos


Online casinos are becoming more popular than ever. Thanks to the Supreme Court striking down the PASPA, individual US states now have the ability to determine whether they want to legalize online and retail gambling activities.

Since 2018, a variety of states have launched booming online casino and other gambling industries. New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and other states now offer online casino and poker games as well as online sports wagering.

The future is truly bright for online casinos, especially since new technologies are being developed all the time. Let’s take a look at the three top technologies that will define the world of online casinos in the future.

Mobile-Optimized Games

By far, the biggest technological development that is impacting the online casino scene is mobile optimization for a variety of table and slot games. Indeed, online-only mobile casino games have been around for about a decade at this point.

But they’ve only become better and more sophisticated with time. Gone are the simplistic gaming experiences that once dominated online casino collections. Now top online casino games have high-quality 3-D graphics, engaging rules and bonus rounds, and even VR integrations that allow for a truly immersive experience.

This is all due to mobile optimization. The best online casinos reviewed by Live Japan Casino are all developing apps that can work on all mobile devices, including both mobile phones and tablets. These online casinos are easy to navigate and do not lag, even when there are a lot of people using the casino simultaneously.

The mobile-optimized games are oftentimes even more fun than their retail counterparts. Even better, many online casinos are now developing casino games for exclusive use on their mobile platforms. This is designed to get new gamblers to try out online casino gaming instead of visiting another retail casino.

Things become even more attractive for potential online gamblers when you consider bonuses. Online casinos these days offer a plethora of bonuses to new account holders, which can offer free site credit, chances to win huge jackpots, and more.

All told, mobile optimization is making online casino gaming a force to be reckoned with. Who knows? In another couple of years, most casino gamblers might enjoy their favorite activities using their mobile devices instead of stepping into a casino in person!

Live Dealer Gaming

The first big casino evolution on the horizon is live dealer gaming. In fact, for some online casinos, live dealing is already active and enjoyed by their players.

In a nutshell, live dealer gaming allows online casino gamblers to get more of the in-person casino experience than ever before. They use live streaming technology to stream video footage of a live dealer who handles cards, chips, and other gaming accessories as players input their moves or bets through their mobile devices or desktop computers.

In a way, it’s a lot like sitting at a real table game at a retail casino… except it’s from the comfort of your own couch.

Furthermore, the popular streaming platform Twitch is making live dealer gaming much more attractive to tons of online casino enthusiasts. Twitch streamers are now embracing this technology and advertising it to all of their followers. As celebrities embrace online casino gaming, more players are giving live dealer gaming a try.

However, many online casinos still do offer live dealer games, and many states have specific provisions against live dealer activities even if they allow online casino games in general. For now, live dealer gaming is likely to expand slowly but surely across the country. Give it enough time and live dealer gaming will become a mainstay of the online casino industry.

VR and AR Technology

We can’t forget about virtual reality and augmented reality technology, which have been rapidly expanding over the last few years. These sound similar, but are two sides of a shared coin rather than exactly the same kinds of technology.

Virtual reality casino software allows online casino enthusiasts to put themselves in a casino environment without ever leaving their homes. Through VR headsets, online gamblers are now more able to enjoy a classic casino experience while still enjoying online casino games.

A VR headset can depict a fully realized 3-D casino environment to the user. Then the user can enjoy online slot and table games through headset controls, mobile phone controls, or even motion capture technology.

While the majority of online casinos aren’t yet adopting VR integration quite yet, this development is certainly on the horizon.

Augmented reality technology is also impressive. It’s a little different from virtual reality in that it does not create a totally new 3-D environment to replace your current surroundings. Instead, AR technology is about augmenting the existing online casino experience.

Furthermore, many mobile devices will soon be able to use AR technology with casino games at retail casino locations. For example, they’ll be able to:

  • Award bonuses or special promotions on the go
  • Let players access slot games’ mobile versions from afar
  • Let players combine points or chips between mobile to retail wallets or accounts
  • And more

In short, AR technology will allow online casinos to better merge their gaming experiences with retail casino environments. In another few years, there may be no real big differences between online and retail casinos in terms of the games you can enjoy, the atmosphere you can appreciate, and the rewards you can claim.

The Future is Bright

Ultimately, online casino gaming is here to stay. In just a few short years, the industry has expanded into nearly a dozen states with full online casino access, and significant legislative inroads are being made in states with legal sports betting or legal horseracing.

In no time at all, online casinos will be available in all 50 states for anyone who wants to enjoy top-tier casino gaming experiences.

This is even more true when you consider the amazing technologies that are improving casinos and bringing online casino games to the mobile devices of millions of Americans. As technology improves, online casinos will become even more enjoyable and attractive compared to getting into your car and driving for hours just to enjoy a few slot games.