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Why is it called unlimited data only plan

by James Musoba
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Today, connectivity plays an essential role in everyone’s lives. Do you need to communicate with someone? You’ll have to call them. Miss someone terribly who lives a thousand miles away from you? You’ll want to connect to the internet and have a video call. Were you looking for a new restaurant to dine with your special someone? You don’t have to look into every restaurant and try their food. All you have to do is tap into your smartphone, and voila, the best spot to eat dinner. A lot of things had been made possible because of the internet.

Almost everyone in the world needs access to the internet. It is now a commodity that might even come close to be equivalent to our need for food and shelter. The need for the internet has created a demand to have a connection anywhere, and that’s where internet data plans from telecommunication companies occur. People don’t just need an internet connection, but unlimited access to data, and that is called an unlimited data plan. Now, why is It called an unlimited data only plan?

What is a data plan?

This is a product offered by telecommunication companies to address the needs of their clients.

Before the age of the internet, people did not rely on the internet as much as they did today. Internet companies mostly offered broadbands for their customers. However, as the world progressed, the need for a more portable internet connection gave rise to introducing the data plan.

The ever increasing demand for high data plans.

Telecommunication companies put a cap on their available data.

As the world continued to advance, people asked for an internet connection from telecommunication companies. However, since it is a billion-dollar industry, companies look for ways to profit and protect themselves. Suppose they allow people to have access to unlimited data. There is a possibility of profit loss for the telecommunication companies in that case. People now turn to the internet to provide entertainment, whether electronic texts, music, or movies. Having access to high data plans can be very costly, and having unlimited data plans could also be expensive.

Why is It called an unlimited data-only plan?

The truth behind having an unlimited data-only plan

Today, it is very beneficial to own an unlimited data plan for yourself. You could download as much information as you need. You could get a lot of movies or music readily available for you. However, you have to remember that telecommunication companies are still businesses, so in a way, they still need some way to protect themselves from losses. In order to provide their clientele with unlimited data, the companies study the data usage of their customers. After estimating their data usage, the companies provided what they call unlimited data plans for their consumers. Though, in hindsight, this may prove to be cost-effective on your part as a consumer.

Overall, acquiring an unlimited data plan sounds great in our very connected world. A reminder to you who wish or plan to get one, read your plan’s terms and conditions carefully and ask your service provider if you have questions you want to clarify.

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