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Xiaomi Poco X3:A convincing smartphone but too unsteady

Xiaomi released one of its subsidiary smartphones Poco X3 a few months ago. The Poco X3 Pro now comes with a new design for the equipped photosensor and a new processor. Sold for 32,584KES, Poco X3 Pro promises a steady performance at a reduced price now.

Today finding the best mid-range and flagship models can be very hard, especially for Xiaomi brand fans, where the manufacturer keeps releasing many models at once. The Redmi 10 pro and the note Note 10 are some of the models that fall within the same price category as the Poco X3. The great strength of most Xiaomi products lies in their AMOLED screen and photosensors. Does the Poco X3 stand out? That’s what we’re going to see.

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The poco x3 pro is offered in three primary colors: black, blue, and bronze. Most retailers in the country are now offering the model in two main versions.

The Poco X3 Pro is available on Xiaomi’s website in two versions. The first is displayed at 39,275KES for 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. The second is offered at 128GB of storage,6GB of RAM, and sold for 32,728KES. This is also applicable to what is on the manufacturer’s website.

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Poco x3 pro: The design

The manufacturer of the poco x3 is on its level in terms of design. The model weighs only 220 grams and 9.5 mm thick. However, an exciting feature that will capture your attention is its two vertical strips of brushed glass on the sides and a shiny strip in the center near the Logo. There are also charming reflections of the hull to the light: the text becomes multicolored depending on the angles. We also appreciate that this rear hood is not prone to fingerprints.

The photo module protrudes at the height of several millimeters but doesn’t interfere with the steadiness of the phone once placed at the back.

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The smartphone’s dial is made of plastic, while the ear hood is made of hardened glass. On the side, we find volume buttons and also a controller integrated with a fingerprint sensor which is quite flashy designs.

On the lower part, there is a jack port and also a USB Type-C port. The speaker has been fitted perfectly to the right of the USB-c port.


The Poco X3 Pro features a 6.67-inch IPS LCD slab of 1080 by 2400 pixels. The poco x3 pro brings you with a refresh rate f up to 120 Hz to attain maximum comfort. However, it is 60hz at default, and the phone user should achieve the changes in the settings.

The color profile settings have now been updated with their specific auto, saturated, and standard profiles.

For KSh36,499 price range= powerful processor

Here we find Snapdragon 860 Qualcomm processor. However, the processor is only 4G as it lacks 5G support. For this price range, it is quite a comfort.

This processor works very well with games that require a very high rate of frames per second. for example, Fortnite. By disabling the FPS limit, you are guaranteed a better gaming experience but be warned that your phone will suffer from emitting a lot of heat.

 A better MIUI overlay but with bugs

The powerful Poco X3 Pro is equipped with Android 11 with Xiaomi MUI 12 overlay. This latest version brings some minor, discreet improvements, such as :


  • Blocking unused apps in the background.
  • Customizations of apps and icons.


  • A lot of ads during installation of new apps.

Camera-wise: Poco X3 Pro still needs to up its game

The phone is equipped with four sensors.an 8-megapixel ultra wide-angle sensor (f/2.2),a 48-megapixel main (f/1.8),a 2-megapixel (f/2.4) macro sensor and a 2-megapixel depth sensor.

Perfect Autonomy

You will find a 5160 mAh battery which promises a lot when an LCD IPS display is activated. A charger of a capacity of 33 watts is also archived. 

Why do I recommend the model

  • A powerful smartphone
  • An original rear cover
  • Excellent autonomy
  • MIUI 12, simple and efficient
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