How To Easily Do A Duet On TikTok


How do you easily do a duet on TikTok?

When TikTok first came out, one of its biggest features was duets. These gave you the ability to record your own video alongside someone else’s.

In the early days, this meant that you could sing a duet with Idina Menzel or Michael Buble. Now, people have found all sorts of ways to utilize the duet feature.

You can use it to react to people, to create comedic dialogues with your friends, or to show two different perspectives of the same event. You can even duet with yourself. The possibilities are limited only to what you can imagine.

If you want to duet with someone on TikTok- including yourself – that person has to have duets enabled in the privacy section of their profile. If they don’t, when you try to make a duet with one of their videos, you’ll get a notification telling you that you can’t. about: blank

Otherwise, though, making a Duet video on TikTok is very simple – here’s how to do it, using the app for iPhone and Android devices.

How to duet on TikTok

1. Open TikTok and find the video you want to duet with.

2. At the bottom of the sidebar menu on the right, tap the sharing button – it looks like an arrow pointing to the right.

3. At the bottom of the “Share to” menu that pops up, tap “Duet.” If it’s grayed out, that person has disabled Duets on their account.

4. Tap the red button at the bottom of the screen to start recording your video. Yours will appear on the left – the other person’s will appear on the right.

5. When you’re finished, tap the check mark to the right of the recording symbol.

6. Check your duet to make sure it’s to your liking, then add any stickers or effects you may want and post it like you would with any other TikTok video.