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How to Get a Naivas Loyalty Card.

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As most Kenyan businesses migrate to chip-enabled card technologies, Naivas, one of the country’s largest supermarket chains, is not taking any chances; it has introduced the ‘NaivasCard’ to reward customers while also allowing them to save money through a virtual account.

Naivas cards are a loyalty program that is available to all Naivas customers across the country. When you sign up for the Loyalty Program and begin shopping, you will begin earning points right away.

Customers receive one VAT-free point for every K sh.100 spent. The more a customer uses his or her Naivas card, the more points they earn and the better the rewards!

The Naivas loyalty card Points can be redeemed for free shopping and vouchers at any Naivas Retail Center across the country.

To obtain a Naivas Loyalty Card, go to any Naivas supermarket and present your national ID or passport.

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