Microsoft Edge now offers a built-in coupon tool.


Since November of last year, Microsoft has offered a shopping feature that helps users find discount codes on its desktop browser, and the arrival of the ‘Coupons’ feature on Android comes at a time when Google has shut down its Shopping app.

The browser would notify users if there were any coupons available for that site, presumably by comparing it to a database of existing coupons. When you tap the icon in the address bar, the coupons appear in a popup window.

To enable the new ‘Shopping site Coupons’ feature, complete the following steps:

  • The feature is currently available in the most recent version of Microsoft Edge Canary for Android, so make sure you have at least Build 92.0.884.0 from the Play Store.
  • In the address bar, type edge:/flags and press the Enter key. You should then be able to find a setting called “Shopping site Coupons” and set it to Enabled.
  • Restart Edge for Android so that the browser can recognize your newly enabled settings and display the new options.
  • Once Edge has been relaunched, go to the Settings section and select General, where you will see a toggle labeled Coupons; enable this setting.

When you visit a site that is currently offering a discount, you should see a shopping tag icon in the address bar that displays all of the available coupons for that site, which you can then use to reduce your final billed amount.