Android 12 real video presently leaked and looks very Astonishing!


How about watching an official Android 12 video to end up your weekend on style? Yes, because Google seems to want to push on the accelerator this year, and after the innovative look of the new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, it also tries with Android 12, which seems to be one of the most attentive versions of design, animations, and fluidity ever.

But let’s come with what it is there presently, of course, the android 12 video. The leak’s author is always Jon Prosser, who is in refinement week, with a series of leaks on both the Android and Apple worlds. The video inside which shows us the Promo-clip of Android 12 you can find it below: at the minute 6:30

So as Prosser himself admits, it’s not that much is understood. There are a lot of different steps, widgets, animations, but the point is just that: to enhance the fluidity, the “resizability” of many UI elements, and, for once, also the consistency. Android 12, as a sound “mature” system, focuses on the look, on interactivity, on making the control feel at the fingertips of its interface.

However, there are also practical innovations: notification icons in the status bar that can be grouped. And always notifications, you can see the grouping of conversations, thanks also to previous screenshots shown by Prosser. Among these stands out that for a hypothetical new keyboard, it will undoubtedly be Gboard with some layout theme.

However, this general analogy will only be such if the various brands are in agreement. Here we are no longer talking so much about Android 12, but about Google’s Android, what we will see on the next Pixels. Whether or not to follow this rounded style, these soft lines, these geometric shapes, will be up to the individual OEMs, who already have a little each their kind, and will hardly be influenced, even by Google itself. But, in the video, not so many details are revealed by the leaker.

However, it seems ample clear to us that one for sure: to customize the UI, both in shapes and sizes, to adapt it to your tastes. And while it is true that it is Google that has lagged far behind on this point of view (every manufacturer has had its theme store for years now), it is also good that Google says its own: it is never that a little more consistency comes out of it for Android everything.

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