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5 Plumbing Marketing Strategies That Never Fail

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Digital marketing is the way to go when your aim is to get your business in front of customers. With the right marketing strategies, you get your phone ringing, boost conversion and improve sales. To know more about how plumbing marketing strategies can help your business scale, explore the services offered by experts like Hook Agency.

Take a look at the five simple marketing strategies that could help your plumbing business attract high-quality leads.

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5 Plumbing Marketing Strategies That Never Fail

Build a Website – Your Digital Office

A website is a digital representation of your plumbing business. It should reflect the same quality as the standard of services you provide. Post the pandemic, the general sentiment among users is that businesses should accelerate their digital initiatives. According to a report, for 68% of users, a search engine is the start of their online experiences.

Thus, having a website for your plumbing business is essential. Ensure your website design is minimal but engaging. Use responsive design, illustrations, animations, or custom cursors to keep the experience interesting. A good website helps build the customer’s trust in your business.

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Local SEO Optimization

There has been an increase in users searching for services using the ‘near me’ tag which lets them discover local businesses. Local keywords should form an integral part of your SEO strategy. For example, if you are a plumbing business in San Diego, ensure you target keywords like ‘plumbing services in San Diego’ or ‘emergency plumbing services in San Diego.’

List all your service areas promptly on your home page. When a search engine receives a ‘near me’ search request, it will find your website using the location information. For more information on SEO optimization, consult experts like Hook Agency.

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Leverage Email Marketing

Emails have one of the best ROIs in the marketplace. For every $1 spent, you can get up to 42 times the value in return. These statistics should be an encouragement to make emails a part of your marketing strategy.

You can collect user email addresses when they land on your website through a search engine. You could offer them coupon codes or introductory discounts. Sending out personalized emails could work in your favor. But, do not bombard users with emails, the content should be relevant and interesting, or you could risk losing business.

Claim Your GoogleMyBusiness Page

Google is undoubtedly the giant when it comes to search engines. The majority of your customers start looking for your plumbing services on Google. Thus, it becomes critical to claim your GoogleMyBusiness page and ensure you have the correct information available out there.

You could add your business information to Google search, maps, and other services. You could build up your profile, post photos, and reviews. You could add descriptions of services you provide and reasons why customers should choose your business. A GoogleMyBusiness page helps authenticate your business and build customer confidence.

Utilize the Power of Social Media

Have your presence felt on social media. If you are new to social media, you could start with creating a Facebook page. Once you gain footing with your website and Facebook, expand to other platforms like Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

By posting helpful content, you could keep your existing customers engaged and get the opportunity to interact with new customers. You never know when an article or video could go viral, bringing in quality leads to your business.   

Digitize Marketing to Grow Your Plumbing Business

As a plumbing business, you must concentrate on digital marketing strategies as they are the present and future. Customers are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, and they want businesses to reflect the same finesse. Leverage the marketing strategies mentioned above to improve your business standing in the digital world. 

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