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How Blockchain is going beyond Bitcoin in Transforming the Healthcare Sector?

As the value of the digital currency – bitcoin is seen moving, hence the prominence of the same in the public domain seems to be soaring up. Yet, the digital currency is not accepted in a number of physical shops. But a number of medical offices and clinics all across the US have now started accepting the money and thus allowing their patients to pay for their bills or medical services with the help of bitcoin. One of the known groups called the My Doctor Medical Group is one of the first in San Francisco that operates with seven doctors in their office and is the first one to allow their patients to pay for their medical services in bitcoin. And they have been doing the same since the past eight years with some prescribed limits. As per the group, they are serving the tech people who have already invested in bitcoin and are capable of playing in the same mode to them. 

Now, with allowing their patients to pay in bitcoin, they have developed a good occupancy of the same that seems to be going well.  However, the number of patients paying in bitcoin are at the lower side, which is around 2 %, which is often due to the increasing value of the same. Even other clinics have been accepting the payment in bitcoin for years and they have never had their patient asking for the same. Dan Vo, who is among those related to Central Urgent Medical Care also claims the same. However, the clinic is yet to offer the patient in order to carry out the high end digital currency which is due to the consumption of high level barriers. Despite being announced for a few years, it took time for the clinics to start getting the payments in bitcoin. 

All over the nation, one can find New York City to be an active place in adopting this trend in different medical services. We also see even the dental services given under the private clinics are also accepting bitcoin for years and they have collected a decent amount in it. As per the portal called CoinMap, more than 10K businesses operating physically are seen getting the payments in bitcoin. More than 200 names are included in the clinic along with the dental health and other stuff. Bitcoin certainly existed for a longer duration but these are not actual coins but are specially designed digital currencies that can be used for procuring a number of things including these. The users are seen trying the electronic wallet that is installed over the PC or smartphone. 

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A number of users are seen using bitcoin rely on e-wallets that are installed either on their phones or PCs. Using certain key code of the wallet of the recipients, they proceed in carrying out the key things in bitcoin. There are several vendors that allow the users to rely on the QR Codes with the help of scanning the same and receiving the digital currency. They even allow to transfer the currencies. Users today are seen coming along with different approach as far as transferring the bitcoins are concerned. Hence you can get a number of reasons that are coming along for the people for the same. Like for instance, when we see the cost of 300 and 400 USD being converted into bitcoins come to around .03 to .04 that seems to be less. 

Milcah Lukhanyu
Milcah Lukhanyu
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