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Is Panda Helper illegal?

by Intizar Ali
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Panda Helper VIP

Panda helper is one of the best sources in order to download a huge number of applications and modifications. While there are other applications available for the same cause, there are a few differences which give the edge to Panda Helper VIP. One of the biggest reasons behind the success of the platform is that it is very simple to use. Its user-interface is such that it doesn’t take a lot of time before you get the hang of it. It is easily available to download as well which is not the case with most of the unofficial app stores. The consumption of resources is not very high either. The availability for both iOS as well as Android systems makes Panda Helper an application with a wide reach. With the availability of newer versions, the platform has managed to provide a safe environment to its users with better features and more apps added to its wide variety of list. 

Features of Panda Helper 

  1. It is supported by almost all the versions of iOS. So not only is it going to work on your iPhone but it will be smoothly running on iPad as well as iPod touch. 
  2. It comes with applications surrounding emulators and video players. They are available in the most quality version so that users can avail maximum benefits from the softwares. 
  3. The instructions are easily understandable. The download process can be completed simply as well. All in all, it works great for the beginners too. 
  4. It is a versatile platform since it works on iOS as well as Android operating system. Although the more suitable device to use it would be iOS. 
  5. There is a wide variety of applications to choose from on Panda Helper. All the apps are updated from time to time along with a number of modifications. 

Is Panda Helper illegal? 

Now we can understand where this question is coming from. All such unofficial app stores have had trouble in their use. They might be able to provide you the benefit for a short period of time but it won’t help you in the long run with all the legal troubles. Is Panda Helper illegal too? 

  1. No jailbreaking required 

Panda Helper is not illegal for your iPhone because you are not required to jailbreak your device. You can just go to the official website of Panda Helper and download this application. All the versions of the app would be made available on the website itself. If it doesn’t require you to jailbreak your phone, it is completely legal. Jailbreaking is considered unjust in the eyes of the law. Thus, Panda Helper is completely safe when it comes to iOS. 

  1. No root required 

You are required to root your Android phone in order to download applications which are not meant to be used on your system. But Panda Helper can work on the device regardless of the fact that you have rooted your phone or not. Initially, this software was meant for use only on iOS. But with time and the success of this application, it was made available for Android devices as well. 


Q1: Can Panda Helper help you download applications which are not available on Play Store? 

Yes, it will help you out in downloading apps which are not available on Play Store as well. Moreover, there will be modifications available which will make the experience even better. 

Q2: Will Panda Helper prove to be a safe download? 

It will prove to be a completely safe download if you do the action through the official website of Panda Helper. Troubles might be there if you make the download through a third-party website. 

Q3: What are the advantages of using Panda Helper? 

There are too many advantages of Panda Helper. But what tops all of it is the wide variety that is there with the use of this application. It will make available certain softwares which are not available on Play Store or iPhone app store. 

If you want to download & install applications which are not available on official app stores, you can use Panda Helper. Not only is the application completely safe, it would also provide you a wide number of features with the apps and tweaks you install from the platform! 

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