HMD GLOBAL has disclosed that Nokia X20 will be included in the Android TM 12 developer preview programme which will be held later this year to allow app developers get a chance to test their Android innovation on Nokia X20.

The Android 12 developer preview programme will allow developers to create, test and polish their apps as they prepare to launch the new operating system later this year.

The program will enable developers to collaborate, share ideas and tips with like-minded experts through the Nokia phones community forum.

  Furthermore, through the Android 12 developer preview programme, app experts will get a chance to communicate directly in 16 languages with HMD eGlobaL’s in-house developer team.

Android TM 12 will provide a host of new upgrades and updated features for people, for instance,

Supporting AVIF images, Audio-coupled haptic feedback for more immersive gaming and audio experiences, Refreshed app launch animations for an improved experience, Improved privacy and security features ensuring personal data are kept as safe as possible.

According to Stephen Taylor, Chief marketing Officer HMD Global, s longevity is the foundation of our new line-up of Nokia smartphones, so we offer up to three years OS upgrades-recognized as one of the most comprehensive offerings in the smartphone market and continue to be the leader in security updates. He said that the Nokia X20 joins a family of devices that have helped shape Android for years.

The programme is important as it will provide crucial feedback that will aid in the development of the next milestone in Android. With sources from a broad geographical user base and diverse cultures, the analytics and error analyses will help fine-tune Android 12 for end-users.