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5 Can’t-Miss Benefits of Using Native Advertising Platforms

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Did you know that all of the best native advertising platforms have something in common? 

They are a profitable tool for advertisers to increase conversions, lead generation, and sales for publishers to improve user experience and monetize their websites. Amazing right?

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Native advertising is fast growing into popularity because of the advantages and benefits it offers advertisers. 

Native advertising favours marketers by seamlessly fitting into existing contents in the form of paid tweets and sponsored posts, thereby making it more natural-looking when surrounded by contents. 

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It can attract more readers because native advertising uses the format and style of the digital content to promote a certain content or product. 

Messages displayed on native ads can attract more attention because they have a greater possibility of going viral on social media as consumers share them. To check the reach of the messages you can use the Voluum Ad Tracking Tool.

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Types of native advertising

There are two types of native advertising in digital environments:

Open native advertising

This type of advertising is shared on various platforms or pages at once, promoting the same content or topic.

Closed native advertising

As opposed to the former this typology of native advertising is published by a particular page or environment and formatted according to the style of that environment. 

However, according to the classification established by IAB USA, native advertising can be divided into six different types, namely;

  • Advertisement integrated into the editorial content.
  • Advertisement on search engines.
  • Recommendation widgets.
  • Promoted lists.
  • Standard advertisements, integrated with native advertising.
  • Tailored native advertising.

Five Benefits Of Native Advertising 

  • It aligns easily with your marketing funnel
  • It is non-disruptive.
  • it helps you build brand awareness.
  • It contributes to brand credibility.
  • It is simply effective.

Strategies to create a standard native advertising

  • Define your audience very well 
  • Pay special attention when creating contents.
  • Analyze periodically.
  • manage expectations properly.
  • Detect weak spots, find the reasons, react as soon as possible and review the improvements. ( Test, analyze and react ).

Essential variables and qualities to consider when examining native advertising :

  • The publishing partners audience
  • Account management
  • Creative assistance
  • Tracking and reporting
  • Bidding optimization
  • Targeting and retargeting
  • Timing and testing

Characteristics of native advertising

  • Useful and brilliant contents.
  • Proper organization of contents according to necessity.
  • A good native ad should be adaptive.
  • Native ads should be able to meet consumer’s needs.
  • Native ads help publishers increase their ad and revenue with header bidding, intelligent analytics and strategies and superior quality.

Advantages of native advertising

  • Native advertising benefits content viewers, publishers and advertisers.
  • Native advertising drives millennials to make purchases.
  • Native advertising is useful on any platform.
  • Native advertising is less disruptive and interruptive, unlike any other ad format.
  • With native advertising, marketers can deliberately place contents into an environment where it will be seen by any audience they choose, thereby putting publishers in control.
  • Native advertising is more likely to capture the attention of the audience due to its very soft approach and relevant contents that fits in timelines.
  • Native advertising makes it easier for potentials to be reached. This is because if the content is engaging, informative and relevant as it should be, readers are more likely to engage with like and also share content.


Native ads offer you an excellent way to reach, and not irritate your targets. It is unobtrusive and un-interruptive, which is an advantage of native ads.

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James Musoba
James Musoba
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