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Best 3 People Search Websites to Find Someone Online

Why does one need to search on a specific website when they can just type the name on Google and get the info? Well, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. For more advanced information about a person, you need a more specialized tool.

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That’s where people search websites come into the picture. They will let you know a person’s whereabouts even if he doesn’t have a very active digital presence. In today’s article, we will deal with the best people search websites to find someone online.

Isn’t it amazing how you can find your childhood friend or neighbor and reconnect with them? How about looking into that ex of yours and finding out who they ended up with? Well, all these functions are just a matter of a few taps on your phone today. If you want an easy way to track someone by email, you can learn it from this reverse email lookup guide.

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Want to know about these services? Let’s dive into a thorough exploration, shall we?


Placing CocoFinder on the top of our list is no coincidence. It’s because I want to bring the most effective tool to your notice first. It’s a site that offers a wide range of information about the person you are looking for, and most importantly, it’s accurate. 

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Even if you know just the person’s name, there is a lot of data you can get the grip of. It’s understandable if you are worried about using such a service because it feels illegal. Trust me, and you are not alone. 

However, using CocoFinder is perfectly fine, and it uses public records, so there’s nothing you need to be scared of. The service lends you many more features. It’s not just a people finder but also a lookup and checker tool. 

Reverse phone,  email, and address lookup are some of their prominent features. White pages and background checks will lead you to reach a more solid conclusion about your character. 

Considering all these advanced features, you might wonder if the tool is too tough to use. Be assured, it is highly intuitive and doesn’t need you to download anything on your device. Moreover, your data is untraceable, so you are anonymous while using the software.

Steps to use CocoFinder:

Step 1: Go to the official website.

Visit the official CocoFinder website. You can access the website through any browser, and there is no need to download a third-party app. 

Step 2: Choose the appropriate option.

Well, as I have already mentioned, there are almost 10 services this website offers. Pick the one that suits your requirement. In this case, ” people search” is your option.

Step 3: Enter the details and launch the search.

Lastly, you will need to enter the information you already know, I.e., the first and last name of the person, the city, state, etc. Once done, click on the search option, and you are good to go.

One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that using tools like CocoFinder is acceptable for your personal use and assurance. You cannot use these results for professional service. Make sure you are picking a credible and known mechanism and enquire about it before making any kind of payment.  


Truthfinder is the next reliable people search platform for you. Quite popular among many popular media outlets, it was launched in 2015 and has been able to maintain its reputation since then. The job this service does is quite the same as any other search engine, and you will like how straightforward it is. 

People search for phone, email, and address lookup, it offers a plentitude of efficient features. It uses public and private records to land you accurate details, and so, there’s no way you would be let down. All top-notch services come with a hefty cost. Truthfinder is no exception.

You can avail of the free version of the site, but it would only fetch you a limited amount of information. However, the paid one will let you know about the social media handles, phone numbers, previous employment, and even the marital status of the person. Impressed yet?

Instant Checkmate

Available since 2010, Instant checkmate is the last one on our list. Secured by 128-bit SSL encryption technology, your data is kept safe with the site. By entering the name and city, you would acquire valuable information about the person in a breeze.

Reviewed positively by over 70000 people, the site is quite reliable. It lets you look into someone’s past criminal records as well. As the clue is in the name, you can checkmate the liar with the help of this fast search service. 

What I like the most about this service is that they care about their users. Not only is the website intuitive, but simple steps lead to results without wasting your time and effort. Even if you get stuck someday, customer care is always ready to assist you out of the situation.


You might want to know about a person for various reasons. He might be someone you are attracted to or someone who claims to know about you through mutual friends. In any of these cases, running a check would not harm and make you sure about the facts.

In times like today, trusting someone is difficult. You never know the person’s intention and want to be careful about their dangerous motives, if any. I hope my list of the best 3 people searching websites to find someone online helps you get some relief. 

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