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High-end upgrade for cheap iPad? Apple should plan big things

Apple is reportedly planning major changes to the display of the iPad Air. After the company introduced novel mini-LED collections for the large iPad Pro this year, there are now some indications of improved display technology in the mid-range iPad.

In future models of the iPad Air, OLED displays will be used, as Apple has been using them in a smaller format for a long time in iPhone models such as the iPhone 12. The information comes from the South Korean news site ETNews. In addition, supplier insider Ming-Chi Kuo promised to switch the iPad Air to OLED back in March.

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iPad Air with OLED display in 2022?

According to the rumors, there is already a targeted period for the OLED iPad: In 2022, it should be ready. Apple has now definitely decided to switch to OLED, according to ETNews. The corresponding agreements between pavers, suppliers, and the Cupertino-based company are fixed. The most likely supplier candidates for the OLED display of the iPad Air are Samsung and LG. Both manufacturers already supply Apple with OLED panels for various iPhone models.

Advantages and disadvantages of OLED

Apple relies on a conventional LC display in the current iPad Air. OLED would offer some advantages compared to LCD. This includes significantly better black levels and contrasts. In addition, OLED – depending on the displayed image content – protects the battery more. However, the technology also carries the risk of burnt-in display content if static images are shown for a long time. According to Kuo, Apple is therefore refraining from using OLED in the iPad Pro. Since the Pro models are more productive than the iPad Air, OLED would not be optimal. With permanently displayed menus of productivity apps, the risk of burn-in OLED displays is too high.

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Large iPad Pro already now with mini LED

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