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The end of a smartphone era: trendy brand ceases production forever

LG has stopped the production of its smartphones, ending a long period. Now the sale of the already produced models starts – but what about update support?

LG has ended smartphone production

It has been announced for some time. Now it’s official: LG has finished its smartphones on May 31st, which was yesterday. From now on, the sale begins. In the factory used for production, only household appliances will roll off the production line in the future. This brings to an end a long smartphone era that produced real highlights such as the LG G4 with an extremely strong camera for its time and an unusual leatherback, the LG G Flex with a (minimal) bendable display, the LG Optimus 3D with a 3D display and dual camera for taking stereoscopic images, as well as the Google Nexus 4 produced by LG.

However, LG has lost more and more shares in the highly competitive smartphone market in recent years, so that the division only incurred losses.

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The most recently released, unusual top smartphone is the LG Wing with dual display and rotating mechanism, which was released only about half a year ago, but which cost a small fortune at the market launch with around 1,000 euros, about KES 131,723. In the meantime, however, you get the smartphone relatively cheaply

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