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The importance of using a VPN

In simple terms, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) help individuals when surfing the internet mainly through;

  • Provision of ultimate privacy: the VPN actively masks the IP address of the internet user, their location, and browsing history from any preying eyes, mainly from third parties like hackers, advertisers, and the internet service provider.
  • Top-notch security: the VPN networks help protect the internet user’s information sent or received from third parties.

Before selecting a VPN that will suit each of your needs, it is always important to read more about each specific VPN before settling on one. There are many advantages of using a VPN like;

Hiding private data

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Online platforms and applications can easily track all your online searches and activities and analyze their collected information. Using a VPN for South Africa all your browsing activities blocks out the web browsers and third parties from identifying and accessing your established online connections, thus keeping all your received and sent data secured and anonymous. The data encryption provided by some VPNs is military-grade, which is considered the best in the market.

Escaping data-throttling

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For data throttling to occur, a certain amount of data is used, leading to slowed down services by the internet service provider. When using a VPN, third parties are locked out from accessing your browsing information, and there are no data caps. Internet service providers usually place data caps to maximize the internet speeds for a few of their clients. 

Avoiding bandwidth throttling

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If you have experienced slow internet speeds when using various online sites at various periods, you have directly had bandwidth throttling. The people responsible for the bandwidth throttling are the service administrators from the internet service provider resulting in the slowdown of internet services. 

Using a VPN helps thwart the system’s slowness by encrypting the internet traffic that you are using from your device.  Therefore, ensuring no third parties can see your online content and hides the destination of the sent information.

Accessing geographically-locked services

Most VPNs in the market help internet users access to content that is geographically locked from their region. A VPN changes your IP address making the content provider have the wrong idea that you are browsing the provided content from the allowed location when you are in another location. It is important for the VPN user to clearly understand the terms of service by the service provider and the permitted geographical locations. Some countries have imposed penalties for people using VPNs to ensnare their rules.

Avoiding any censorship when abroad

Some VPNs help internet users circumvent the set regional restrictions. For example, some countries have restrictions from accessing some sites like betting sites and censored content. With a VPN, you are granted permission to access the regional blocked content and websites by making it look like you are accessing the information from another location. The most important thing to keep in mind is that it is your responsibility to know if a country has legalized the use of VPNs and the supporting laws.

Accessing sports coverage that is not available in your specific location

There are areas where regional sports are restricted, but you can unlock the networks and watch the locked sports with a VPN. For example, some television networks like the NBC program are not available in countries outside the United States. Using a VPN makes it possible to view the program. It is important to mind the streaming terms of service to avoid any penalties from the local government.

Offering cheap leased-line options

Selecting a VPN can be cost-saving for businesses. For instance, when businesses want to reduce the cost of bypassing renting, the costly network capacity lines get the required connectivity between the involved office locations. However, the businesses can connect using the public resources via the cheaper broadband or local leased lines using the local internet service providers.

Offering cheaper telephone charges for long-distance connections

VPNs can cut the cost of making calls for long-distance individuals. For instance, if you want to access the company’s intranet instead, you can connect using the available internet service provider accessing point instead of using dial-up networks. Remote access servers create the required connections. 

Provision of network scalability

With increased business growth, the cost of an efficient private network continues to rise. When a business uses the internet-based VPN, they can tap into the offered network lines and network capabilities, giving the business a better channel and quality services for international and remote connections.

A reduction of the support costs

When a business uses a VPN, they reduce the cost of maintaining servers as support can be easily outsourced from service providers who are third parties. They attract cheaper rates because they have a lot of customers.

Disadvantages of using VPNs

 The advantages of using a VPN outweigh the cons, but there are a few drawbacks that you should always know.

  • The internet may be slower.
  • Some countries prohibit the use of VPN within their boundaries
  • There may be difficulties when setting up the VPN for use.
  • As a VPN user, you may not have the encryption knowledge; hence experts come in handy at an extra cost to ensure quality encryptions.

Choosing the appropriate VPN

The right VPN should meet the requirements and needs of a business or an individual. There are free VPN services available in different markets, but they do not always have some of the features that you may need. Some of the free service providers offer free services for them to access their browsing data.

The free service providers may advertise on your platform while surfing the internet through pop-up, and your private data may be gathered and sold to third parties. Paying for a VPN ensures that your data is private and no third parties have the right to access your information.

Milcah Lukhanyu
Milcah Lukhanyu
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