You can view the refresh rate on Your Android SmartPhone


It is possible to display the number of frames per second (IP/S, or FPS) on the most recent Android devices as on PC. For this, a few simple manipulations are enough. Today let us or instead learn some helpful function on your smartphone that many of you always assume is impossible to achieve. Read with me to the end to understand all

View FPS on Android 11Plus

Whether you’re a developer or just curious about the performance of a game or app on an Android device, the hidden feature of the OS to display the number of frames per second might well interest you.

Note, however, that this feature is only offered from version 11 of Android. It is, for example, not available on the Honor 7x of your servant, still under Android 9.

The direction the settings of your smartphone/tablet then go, at the bottom, in the menu “System” or directly “About the phone” depending on your device;

In “About phone,” look for software information, including “Build number”;

Tap this build number several times until a small pop-up appears to let you know that you are now in developer mode;

Go settings menu and tap on the new “Developer Options” menu that has just occurred;

There, in the “Debugging” section should be an entry to enable via a checkbox: “Show refresh rate”;

Now, your FPS count should be displayed in real-time in red (minimum rate) or green (maximum speed) at the top left. Of course, uncheck the box of the previous step to hide this counter again.