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WhatsApp’s Newest Feature Will Allow You To Speed Up Voice Messages

WhatsApp’s newest feature will allow you to speed up voice messages.

Voice messages are great for when something is better explained through voice rather than text, or for when you’re simply feeling too darn lazy to type. That said, getting a long voice message can be a pain to listen to all the way through.

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WhatsApp is trying to remedy this, by adding new options for voice message playback.

WhatsApp Adds Speed Controls for Voice Replies.

WhatsApp’s newest feature update is small and straightforward: you can now play voice messages on WhatsApp at three different speeds.

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At 1x speed, you’ll hear the clip as it was recorded. If that’s too slow for you, you can crank playback speed to 1.5x for a bit of a boost or 2x to listen to it play twice as fast. Once you choose a setting, it’ll play voice messages that way until you change it.

When it comes to instant messaging services, however, WhatsApp isn’t everyone’s first choice anymore. The app has made numerous changes to its privacy policy since January 2021, causing droves of its users to jump ship to other alternatives.

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Telegram, for instance, added different playback speeds as early as 2018 on PC. Its mobile apps followed suit a year later.

What Else Does WhatsApp Have in Store?

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