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Best Home Internet Service Providers 2021 in Kenya.

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Kenya’s fastest internet service providers for 2021

In a market where costs and service quality fluctuate, finding an appropriate ISP is not always easy.

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Fortunately, speedy WiFi service providers can now be found in almost every corner of the country. Check out.

Zuku internet packages and wifi prices

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Zuku offers Kenya’s cheapest and quickest internet service. Subscribers regularly comment on how strong the company’s WiFi signal is.

Packages for Zuku’s home fibre internet:

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  • 5 Mbps at Kshs. 2,799
  • 10 Mbps at Kshs. 4,199
  • 30 Mbps at Kshs. 5,299
  • 50 Mbps at Kshs. 6,799
  • 100 Mbps at Kshs. 11,299
  • 250 Mbps at Kshs. 22,499

All Zuku home internet packages (internet only)

For those looking for unique internet options with add-on television subscription services, Zuku Kenya WiFi is now available.

  • 5 Mbps at Kshs. 2,499
  • 10 Mbps at Kshs. 3,999

Top Zuku business internet packages

These packages are often reasonable for small and medium businesses.

  • 20 Mbps at Kshs. 8,699
  • 50 Mbps at Kshs. 12499
  • 100 Mbps at Kshs. 16,999

+254205205205 and +254719028200 are the Zuku customer service numbers.

Safaricom home fibre internet service providers in Kenya

The company is well-known for its low-cost 4G and Wi-Fi connections.

Safaricom’s best monthly residential fibre packages

These plans include a free Safaricom WiFi router as well as a free Internet connection.

  • 8 Mbps at Kshs. 2,900 (bronze)
  • 20 Mbps at Kshs. 3,999 (silver)
  • 40 Mbps at Kshs. 5,999 (gold)
  • 100 Mbps at Kshs. 11,999 (diamond)

Safaricom home fibre customer care contacts are 100 and 400. Call 100 or send the word “Fibre” to 400 for a connection.

Unlimited monthly Telkom internet plans

Telkom Kenya has a couple of affordable 4G internet plans available all around the country. These are the following:

Unlimited wifi for Ksh. 4,000 – 13.3 GB daily FUP 

Unlimited internet for Ksh. 5,500 – 16.6 GB daily FUP

Telkom internet services in Kenya offer lightning-fast streaming and downloading speeds.

Even better, people who want to connect their homes and businesses to the cloud have a range of possibilities.

JTL Faiba internet and wifi options

Jamii Telkom Limited is one of Kenya’s greatest ISPs, with a presence in practically all of the country’s major cities.

Most of the time, the company only offers one unlimited data-based internet option.

Unlimited Fisi Hour internet at Ksh. 150 – 1 hour validity

In addition, the JTL data plans listed below are fantastic for your daily internet needs.

Cheapest Jamii Faiba data plans

  • 1GB at Ksh. 50 (daily)
  • 8GB at Ksh. 300 (weekly)
  • 15GB at Ksh. 500 (weekly)

JTL Faiba internet monthly

  • 25GB at Ksh. 1,000
  • 40GB at Ksh. 2,000
  • 70GB at Ksh. 3,000
  • 120GB at Ksh. 4,000
  • 210GB at Ksh. 6,000

The cost of a Mifi and Faiba sim card is around Ksh.6,000, which includes all you need to get started with these amazing internet options.

For assistance with JTL WIFI connections, call +254747585100 or +254208405100, or email [email protected].

More Internet service providers are springing up across the country, including:

  • Airtel Kenya (+254733100100)
  • Poa internet Kenya (+254730762762)
  • Elink Networks (+254799003262)
  • Tabana Wireless internet (+254700117361)
  • Skynet Broadband Kenya (+25420 4600200)
  • Hai Internet/Liquid telecom (+254205000000)

Prior to Telkom, Zuku and Safaricom Home Fibre are the most popular.

Because of its accessibility and user-friendliness, more consumers in Kenya chose portable internet service providers.

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