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OnePlus becomes a sub-brand of Oppo, the presaged merger finally materialized

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OnePlus teams integrate oppo teams to streamline costs and improve software products and service. But the OnePlus brand as we know it may change in the future, since it is in competition with Oppo.

Last January, OnePlus and Oppo merged their research and development departments, suggesting a future absorption of the first city in favor of the second. And it’s now official: the two manufacturers belonging to the BBK group merge.

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A merger of which little is yet known

In a blog post, Pete Lau, co-founder and CEO. of OnePlus, explains that this merger between the two entities will make it possible to “create even better products” and to bring stable software updates to users more quickly.

“We have integrated a number of our teams with Oppo to better streamline our operations and capitalize on additional shared resources,” recalls Pete Lau, referring to the first partnership between the two brands. “After seeing the positive impact of these changes, we decided to further integrate our organization with Oppo,” he continues.

Regrouping forces between Oppo, OnePlus… and realme

However, it states that OnePlus will continue to operate independently. Of course, these words are to be taken with tweezers, and it is undoubtedly to reassure the fans and the community of OnePlus.

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In reality, it is likely that OnePlus will be part of a much more global strategy and become a sub-brand of Oppo, as realme already is. As a reminder, Pete Lau has been at the head of Oplus since September 2020, a company that caps the projects of Oppo, OnePlus and realme.

We felt this merger coming from afar, and we can anticipate the fact that OnePlus will eventually stop producing premium smartphones to focus on its more affordable Northern ranges, destined for India among others. Enough to leave room for Oppo, which will be able to better occupy the field of the high-end, especially for us in Africa.

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