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How To Take Care of Your iPhone: 9 iPhone Maintenance Tips

by Intizar Ali
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How To Take Care of Your iPhone: 9 iPhone Maintenance Tips

iPhones are one of the most popular phones all over the world. With attractive designs, practical features, and a super-fast processor, Apple has created quite a name for itself. While iPhone may be the number one choice among people of all age groups, the users also frequently complain about minor performance-based issues that they come across often. Like everything else, your iPhone also some maintenance and caring, to function efficiently for a long time.  

Ask Computer & Phone Repairs services, who deal with iPhone issues on a daily basis, has curated the following article with their experience to give you some maintenance tips to help you the  most out of your iPhone’s life span. 

1. Updating to the Most Recent iOS

Updating your iPhone to the latest iOS version is the best way to keep it up to date and run smoother. The most recent update always offer bug fixes that can significantly imporve your device’s performance and also contributes to improving the battery life. The update will hardly take a few minutes and is also pretty easy to perform. It is the first and foremost thing that should be on your iPhone maintenance thing.

2. Protective Case

This should be the most obvious one on the list that ensures the security of your phone. A protective case is important to protect your device from any external damages or shocks and it also works as a screen protector to keep it from breaking or losing its function. You brought it as soon as you buy an iPhone since using your device without a protective case even for a few days comes with a huge risk of damaging it. 

3. Clearing Unnecessary Data

If you store too much data on your phone, your device could slow its function and become inefficient over time. Deleting the apps that you are not using anymore or any other heavy files that could be consuming a lot of your storage space, will make your device run faster and smoother.

4. Cleaning the charging port  

This may be among the most overlooked aspects of maintaining your iPhone but cleaning your charging port has to be a priority if you want your device to live up to its potential. The charging port has the tendency to clog up with all the dirt and debris and you can easily clean it up by using a toothpick. 

However, this cleaning process must be performed very carefully as you do not want to damage any internal parts. If your charging port is clogged to the point where it can’t be cleaned with a clogged toothpick, then you can also use a can of compressed air.

5. Restart Your iPhone

If there’s some annoying issue that is occurring again and again then you can restart your iPhone. Sometimes just by restarting your phone, you can solve the most random issues, and even when there are no issues, you should make it a habit to restart your phone once in a couple of days to ensure it’s smooth running. 

6. Updating Applications

Keeping all the apps updated on your phone is a great way to ensure it is functioning efficiently. You can also set your iPhone to do it for you regularly, however, some people prefer to do it manually as it saves battery.

7. Maintaining Battery Level

Charging your iPhone and keeping the battery level between 40% to 80% is important to ensure that your battery has a long life. Your battery’s health significantly affects the functioning of your iPhone as well. So to keep your battery from draining out too quickly, it is recommended to maintain this level at all times.

8. Managing Background Tasks

As we jump from one app to another, the previous ones keep playing in the background, taking space. This could easily slow your iPhone speed and it can also freeze sometimes. Along with that, it also significantly contributes to draining your battery. So it is recommended that you clear the apps running in the background after some time of using your phone. 

9. Clear Safari Cookies and Data

Clearing your Safari cookies and data is a great way to speed up your iPhone. Data used by safari can easily be cleared by navigating through your settings, and selecting Safari, then click on clear history and website data.

The Bottom Line

Maintaining your iPhone and taking care of it can really pay off in the long run. It not only saves you the cost of random repairs but also makes it more efficient and long-lasting. ASK Computer and Laptop repairs come across these random issues on a daily basis, which will never even occur in the first place if you will just follow these simple steps to ensure its health. However, if the issue is big, then it is best to take a professional’s help without trying to do it by yourself. 

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