Lenovo unveils its new Smart Clock 2 connected display equipped with a wireless charger


Lenovo introduces Smart Clock 2, its new smart alarm clock.

A new model with a wireless charging stands as a bonus. Practice!

Lenovo Smart Clock, the return!

The Lenovo brand is lifting the veil today on its second version of Smart Clock, a new generation clock radio. Concretely, it is always a question of positioning the latter on your nightstand, like a good old-fashioned clock radio. Still, the Smart Clock 2 is full of very modern features.

The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 thus takes the form of a small 4″ screen integrated into a small speaker. The set is equipped with a microphone and a speaker and allows to display the time obviously and photos without forgetting other features such as the weather, the calendar, the road traffic… The set is powered by a MediaTek MT8167S processor, with 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage.

The Joys of Wireless

The other novelty brought by this Smart Clock 2 is the presence of a wireless charging mat. The latter allows to accommodate the clock radio, and to add a location for a smartphone. As you will have understood, the goal here is to enable the user to charge his smartphone without the slightest cable (via Qi induction), by positioning it at the defined location.

On the top of the Lenovo Smart Clock 2, we find the two volume buttons, while on the back, a small switch allows you to power off the microphone. As for audio rendering, Lenovo has equipped its Smart Clock 2 with a 3W speaker, and the clock radio is obviously WiFi and Bluetooth compatible.

The launch of the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 is scheduled for August, with a price set at Ksh 11,573 approximating to € 89.99. On the colour side, it will be available in grey, blue and black.