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HarmonyOS: Huawei attracts customers with popular classic games

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With HarmonyOS, the Chinese manufacturer Huawei now has a real Android competitor. To convince users of a change, there is now a classic game on the new platform. Angry Birds 2 is available with all sorts of digital accessories as a free app in Huawei’s AppGallery. The manufacturer has also thought about its smartwatches.

Huawei: Angry Birds 2 for free in the AppGallery

About six years after the first release, Huawei has launched its variant of Angry Birds 2 in cooperation with Rovio. The formerly top-rated game is now available in the in-house AppGallery and can be played on devices that rely on HarmonyOS as their operating system. Angry Birds 2 can be seen as an attempt to convince users to switch from Android to HarmonyOS. Time will tell whether this can succeed.

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If you opt for the free Angry Birds 2 for HarmonyOS shortly, you will receive a few goodies or discounts. At the first in-app purchase, users are reimbursed 50 percent of their costs as part of a cashback campaign. For further purchases, there is a discount of at least 20 percent.

Huawei: Angry Birds 2 with themes and watch faces

In addition to the game itself, there are still many accessories for Angry Birds 2 in the AppGallery or Huawei Video. The film for the game is available through the paid platform Huawei Video. Owners of a Huawei Watch 3 or Watch Fit can also look forward to watching faces, which are in the style of Angry Birds 2. However, the manufacturer has not yet named an exact date for the publication here. There will also be themes for smartwatches from Huawei, as it says in the press release.

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