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Just like OPPO, Xiaomi is working on its roll-up smartphone

by Joseph Richard
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Xiaomi has patented a roll-up screen technology on both sides for smartphones.

While OPPO has already presented a prototype smartphone with a roll-up screen, Samsung has formalized the ongoing development of such a device, and TCL would also work on mobile of this kind. It is the turn of Xiaomi to take a close interest in this technology.

Expandable and retractable on both sides

The Chinese manufacturer has filed a patent describing a roll-up screen system in a smartphone. And the manufacturer seems to be exploring options that OPPO has not retained for its 2021 X Rollable.

Unlike the latter, which took place on one side only, Xiaomi’s idea is to allow the deployment of the screen on both sides of the device. The camera is then housed in the center of the rear panel, with the modules positioned vertically, as seen on many models a few years ago, before all brands deported the photo block to the upper left corner.

A Screen with Mi Mix Alpha, but rollable

The screen would expand and then go around the smartphone, overflowing wide on the back of the mobile. Xiaomi has been thinking for a long time about such a design, already seen on the Mi Mix Alpha, whose screen covered the slices and a good surface from the back, but this time without the slab being rollable.

The mechanism would be based on two engines whose role would be to extend and retract the screen. At this point, it’s just a patent, which only means that Xiaomi has had an idea that it wants to protect. Such a design will not necessarily be implemented in the long term in a product marketed to the public. We can bet that the manufacturer is testing many other alternatives exploiting the technology of the roll-up screen.

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