Tokyo: Asia’s Next Cryptocurrency Trading Center


The rise of cryptocurrency worldwide has been a phenomenon throughout the past decade. Most countries have switched to using cryptocurrency as an alternative to the typical currency that depends on cash. Japan is one of these countries that would like to embrace the influence of cryptocurrency by trying to make Tokyo one of the world’s crypto trading centers.

Tokyo, tagged as one of the world’s mega metropoles, prepares itself to become one of the world’s busiest cryptocurrency centers. Most experts expected Japan to stick with the old school currency using money, but Japan proved that it does not wish to become left behind in the cryptocurrency trend. Bitcoin casino shares the same eagerness to deliver the best cryptocurrency-based casino experience to players worldwide and provide a new generation of betting using the number one cryptocurrency in the world.

Japan is constantly becoming an area of ​​interest for the cryptocurrency industry, and most of the politicians in the capital is looking to strengthen it. A member of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly hopes to transform the Japanese capital into a cryptocurrency “commercial center” that can match New York City and London. Japan believes that the use of cryptocurrencies in daily life in Tokyo shows that blockchain is an opportunity to improve all sectors of the Japanese economy.

Yuu Ito, a member of the third parliament in question, commented on the possibility of supporting the city’s financial industry by increasing participation in the digital asset business.

The statement was issued after Tokyo assembly members recently supported the economic plan announced by Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike. Ito also pointed out the challenges that Tokyo faces when competing with other major financial centers such as London, Macau and Hong Kong. He believes that the high tax rate of Bitcoin (BTC) may prevent investors and companies from being active in Japan. Significant actions are needed to promote the development of the industry in the country.

Tokyo should create new financial resources by establishing wealth creation technologies like blockchain as a growth strategy.

Therefore, Japanese lawmakers in Tokyo also proposed a healthy tax environment for cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin adoption has exploded globally, but it has raised concerns about how politicians will handle the matter. One of the members urgently outlined the actions needed for Tokyo to become the most-watched cryptocurrency trading hub.

Politicians should now resolve the monetary policy and fiscal issues surrounding Bitcoin. If you do it in the countryside, you will lose your sense of speed, so a particular zone is established in Tokyo, and it is used in the city without taxes. The essential job of a politician is to identify problems as he runs and systematically eliminate them effecctively.

Tokyo lawmakers also emphasized that the coronavirus is an opportunity to accelerate policy adaptation and adoption while creating a healthy environment for developing crypto trading centers in Tokyo.

When Japan had to reverse its economy, Japanese lawmakers needed to establish a mechanism to prevent the loss of funds. For this, virtual currency and blockchain can be used. Because many people are aware of this cryptocurrency trend in time, most of the Tokyo legislators believe that it is necessary to accelerate.

Japan is a world leader in developing the cryptocurrency market, the latest global buzzword, some of which have skyrocketed in value in the past year.

According to data, as of January 15, the yen accounted for 56.2% of Bitcoin or BTC, the most popular cryptocurrency. The Japanese yen is closely followed by the US dollar, accounting for 28.4%, and all other currencies accounting for 15.4%. The renminbi was the largest until January 2017 but fell after the country imposed strict restrictions on cryptocurrency transactions.

There are no statistics available to show the Japanese yen’s dominance among all types of cryptocurrencies. According to data, as of January 15, BTC accounted for 32.8% of the market value of all cryptocurrencies, making BTC the largest among at least 1,000 existing cryptocurrencies. Midori Kanemitsu, Chief Financial Officer of Cryptocurrency Exchange, the largest exchange operator from Japan, stated that Japan ranked first in the robust legal system that supports the industry to build credibility among individual investors and Japanese people’s familiarity with securities trading. degree. , bitFlyer Inc.