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Give your local advertising campaign a boost with striking custom yard signs

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You can probably find yard signs all over the town. They are common feature of busy intersections as they promote a local restaurant or business. They are also present in front yards and park entrances, promoting everything from fundraisers, general contractors, ballot issues, and election candidates. 

You need to know that custom yard signs are an effective, affordable, and very popular marketing tool, which you can use in a wide spectrum of industries and business purposes.

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  • Regarding affordability, the yard signs comprise durable and cheap corrugated plastic. There are leading companies providing top-notch digital printing to print the signs in classic CMYK shades on both sides. 
  • It increases your brand visibility and ROI. Corrugated plastic is both cost-effective and durable. The material can withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • You can leave these signs outdoors from prolonged periods under direct sunlight.
  • You can make them in custom sizes. Although the traditional yard signs have a 24*18 inches print for increasing business yield, you can also go for a custom shape or size to market your service or product.

Amplifying local advertising

For small business, custom yard signs can play a clinical role in making those living in your area familiar with your business. Unless you offer something that’s totally unique, people will travel to other places because they cannot find their demands in their town. This is where a custom yard sign enters. 

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  • These signs are extremely low cost. You can find many local advertising types that come with exorbitant price tags.
  • From radio commercials to TV, social media ads, and billboards, your budget for your small business marketing can vanish, providing only a limited advertising source and scope.
  • Yard signage is relatively inexpensive, but they help you reach a large audience. 
  • Yard signs also stand for customer satisfaction. Many companies install these signs for targeting veteran customers, who don’t have the bandwidth to search online for local brands/businesses. 
  • Yard signs can also be instrumental in tapping young people. As per statistics, millennials give the number one influencer rank to word-of-mouth ads. 
  • In addition to showcasing or promoting home services, you can use these signs in real estate, grand openings, sales/specials, contractors, and events or festivals.

For FSBO sellers or real estate agents, custom yard signs are an imperative to get passerby’s attention, and notifying them about a property that’s ‘sold’, ‘for sale’ or ‘coming soon’. 

Promoting local support

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It goes without saying that installing custom yard signs at the right places can encourage and drive the local community to take interest in your business and support you. With the upsurge of the internet, you can hear a lot about crowdfunding or overseas sourcing, but there’s still immense room for good, old-fashioned, and always trusted local support. 

For local small businesses, local support is paramount as you seek to tap your local customers first before planning to expand. Yard signs encourage people in your area or nearby areas to come in and buy from you. 

You can put them up in local trade events or business summits, and expect a lot of support from the local community. 

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