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What to Know Before You Include Memes in Your Social Media Content Marketing Campaign

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Edgy, funny, and immensely popular; memes are now one of the biggest elements of the booming social media scenario. However, despite their popularity, businesses need to be careful about using them because unless implemented with care, they may not have the expected impact and may even result in brand damage. Despite the fact the memes are simple and have an inherent virality, you need to know a few important things before starting to market with memes.

The Reasons Why Memes Are Effective

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One of the prime reasons for the success of memes is that they are perceived to be carriers of cultural signals. They are perfect for an online audience with a short attention span because they can amalgamate ideas and emotions in a simple and shareable form. Memes are a great idea because they represent a simple way of capitalizing on shared knowledge using humor that is also very useful for humanizing the brand. Memes are not only easy to share on social media but also give brands an authentic and credible voice. Even though the format is simple, memes make it possible to showcase your brand personality as well as the attitude of your business. However, you must be careful not to infringe the IPR of others as it can lead to costly litigation, says a Meme Scout marketing consultant.

Know Your Audience

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To ensure that your memes will click with your target audience, you must first know their demographic and psychographic profile intimately. It is important to know their motivations as well as issues that they feel strongly about. If you are a brand catering to Gen Z, you can be more confident that your memes will be successful. However, if your audiences are older and more mature, you will need to take up issues that are relevant to them. The trick is to get the targeting right; otherwise, it will lead to a loss of time and effort and dilute the efficacy of your marketing campaign. According to Forbes, by knowing your audience, you can create content that resonates better with them.

Make the Tone Appropriate

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Users of social media are especially sensitive to the brand voice and tone, which is why your memes must also be consistent with their personality. Never make the mistake of underestimating the importance of the tone as it can make the difference between a meme that is enjoyed and shared and one that leaves the audience cold. Try not to be too clever with your language because when viewers are quickly scanning through the posts, the subtlety may not be noticed. The best of memes are those that almost everyone who’s clued in understands. Do not try to be deliberately rude or offensive, especially on racial or gender issues.


The essence of memes is humor, and you need to understand how much of it you should use to support your brand. While it represents an easy way of connecting with your target audience, you need to be careful not to either offend anyone or make the humor too obtuse for it to be easily understood. 

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