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Moving to the cloud

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Migration to the cloud is still frowned upon as it is a general belief that the cloud is complicated to use. However, this isn’t true. Now more than ever, businesses are shifting towards cloud computing. It is an uncomplicated service that provides a wide range of tasks.

Most services we use are cloud-based, for example, Microsoft365. You can use online services to assist in shifting to the cloud. Find out more how Cloddy IT can help you move to the cloud. Are you wondering why you should move to the cloud? Scroll down to access the full list!

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Advantages of Moving to Cloud

At its core, cloud computing is just moving your essential systems to remote servers. Some might consider it risky, but it is a way to develop and improve their company for most.


A cloud is very reliable. If one server is down, you can access your data from another service. So, your data is secure at all times.

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The cloud is very flexible. It provides a large amount of storage space. Apart from this it also offers other services, which are essential to obtain customer satisfaction.

By storing a large amount of data, a cloud service decreases costs, saves workers’ time, and offers a smooth collaborative experience. In addition, since the cloud is accessible via the internet, it gives employees the flexibility to work whenever they are comfortable.

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While most leaders still hesitate to invest in the cloud, know that it is indeed worth it. By investing in the cloud, you put all your data on online servers, which means you won’t have to invest in physical equipment or hardware. Moreover, this will also save you from installing, licensing, and maintaining software programs. 

All in all, the cloud is known to free up a lot of time and money, which can be used elsewhere or to improve other services.

Mobile Access: 

As already established, you only need the internet to access the cloud, so you can work even on the road! You don’t need to constantly keep all the paperwork around to get your work done. Just connect to the internet and access your required file. This will not only increase employee productivity but also improve their satisfaction rate.

Environmental Advantage:

Since your business will not be using hardware material, you will reduce environmental waste. Moreover, by working online, you will also reduce paper waste. Thus, your company will benefit the environment and encourage others to adapt to the same lifestyle. 

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