Sofa Slipcover Buying Tips You Can’t Afford To Ignore


Most people want to live in a house that is welcoming, fresh, and attractive-looking. However, changing the home décor periodically can be a painful affair, both in terms of effort and expense. If you don’t want to take a great deal of effort to renew the looks of your living room, you can consider buying a fresh set of sofa or couch covers. According to Huffington Post, buying removable covers can extend the life of your furniture while giving you the flexibility of changing its looks from time to time. Since there are innumerable options in terms of style, material, color, and price, choosing the right couch covers can often be bewildering. Some handy tips to make your life easier:

Select a Style

By using slipcovers, you can protect your valuable furniture and also make them more comfortable and inviting for the family to lounge in. Not surprisingly, given the different types of sofas, there are also many styles of covers to suit traditional furniture as well as ultra-modern sofas. If you have unusually shaped furniture like a recliner or a wingback chair, you can order a custom cover from the manufacturer or approach a specialty supplier to sell you a bespoke edition.

Nowadays, you can find slipcovers that match any kind of interior décor style. It means that you can match your sofas perfectly regardless of whether your furniture is traditional, modern, or happy chic. According to interior décor professionals, using l shaped couch covers is the easiest way of giving meaning to any room in your house. It is important to know that the restriction of yore has been demolished and now it is considered perfectly okay to add slipcovers to even the more traditionally-styled furniture. Instead of the conventional loose-fitting covers, you should get the measurements right and buy covers that fit the sofas tightly. Try to pick pieces that have a decorative trim or a contrasting welt to accent the shape of your furniture and create visual interest. However, if you want to remove the covers easily, you can choose the ones that fit more loosely.

Choose the Right Material

One of the most important factors that define the style of your furniture covers is the material. If your sofas see a lot of traffic and get dirty fast, you may be better off picking a lightweight synthetic material like polyester that can be washed easily at home. However, heavy materials like cotton canvas or velvet can be more luxurious and durable, but they are not ideal if you want fitted covers. If you want form-fitting covers, you should choose a material that stretches like micro-suede or spandex. Fabrics made from wool, silk, or linen may give a great feel and look wonderful, however, they require dry-cleaning. For the living room, you should ideally look at fabrics that are robust, easy to wash, and dry at home.


With the kind of choice available, the best way of buying sofa covers is to be clear on what you want. Decide on the style and the fabric and then proceed to match them to the decor of your home.