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Now on  each Samsung TV: This application allows faster searching

by Joseph Richard
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The affordable justwatch service is directly also usable as an app on Samsung TVs.However, you should install the app if you calculate on several streaming providers and media libraries. It provides a simple overview of available content. In addition to a free account, a Pro account is also offered.

JustWatch Now Available on Samsung TVs

From now on, JustWatch is also compatible with Samsung TVs. The app offers a central interface where addicts can search for series, flickers, or cartoons. The hunt takes place across platforms. So you no longer have to move from provider to provider. In addition to Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, beaucoup other providers like Sky and TVNOW are supported. The Arte media library can also be constituted. YouTube is also included.

When searching for content, it does not just show where it can be viewed. In addition, there’s coloured added information alike as a summary and an IMDb echelon. In addition, new and presently popular cinema and series are listed. In the free account, a single watchlist can be created.

JustWatch Premium account for2.49 euros(Ksh 318 ) per month

Notwithstanding, you pay 2, If you choose for the paid account of JustWatch.49 euros a month. For this sum, the platform becomes advert-free, and several lists can be managed. In addition, a watchlist can be imported from IMDb. There are also more options for the scums. Seen or not, pointed titles can be hidden.

The just-released app can be downloaded directly from Samsung TVs. In addition, JustWatch is still available as a web rendition and in the app stores of Apple and Google.

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