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How to Make Transparent Taskbar in Windows 11.

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Windows 11 is the most recent version of the Windows operating system. However, if you want to modify your Windows 11 PC, such as having a completely translucent taskbar, you’ve come to the perfect spot. You’ll learn how to construct a transparent taskbar in Windows 11 in this feature.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has released the first Windows 11 Insider preview build, offering early adopters a taste of the company’s upcoming operating system. While Windows 11 is an improvement in terms of aesthetics and features like Android app compatibility and Widgets, Microsoft has severely limited the taskbar customization options in the OS.

The TranslucentTB software is recommended for creating and maintaining a translucent taskbar on Windows 11.

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What is TranslucentTB, and how does it work?

TranslucentTB lets you to customize the appearance of your taskbar. The effect and color can be changed, and the maximum window can be used when the Start menu is active. Both Cortana and Timeline launch with a customized taskbar to create a colorful and visually appealing taskbar.

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  • Use an advanced color picker with alpha and live preview to change the color of the taskbar.
  • Dynamic modes
  • If a window is currently maximized, Dynamic Windows will change the taskbar’s appearance.
  • When the start menu is launched, it will affect the appearance of the taskbar.
  • Cortana Dynamic: When Cortana (or the search menu if it’s not Cortana) is activated, the taskbar will change.
  • When the Timeline (or Task View on previous releases) is active, Dynamic Timeline/Task View will modify the taskbar appearance.

Taskbar States

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  • Blur: The taskbar will be slightly blurred.
  • Clear: Taskbar is transparent.
  • Normal: The default look and feel of Windows. (as if TranslucentTB weren’t already running)
  • Opaque denotes a lack of transparency.
  • Fluent is only compatible with Windows 10 April 2018 Update and newer. Will make the taskbar look like it follows Microsoft’s Fluent Design guidelines.

It is possible to show or hide the Aero Peek button. It can be changed at any time and can also be dynamic.

How to Make Transparent Taskbar in Windows 11

The following are the procedures for using the TranslucentTB software to create a translucent taskbar in Windows 11:

Step 1: Open Microsoft Store and search for TranslucentTB in the search box.

Step 2: Choose the first result, TranslucentTB, from the list of options.

Step 3: Click the Install button.

Step 4: After the software has been installed, click Launch.

Step 5: To continue, select Yes. After you select Yes, the software will launch and quickly merge with your computer’s taskbar at the bottom of the screen. It will appear as a small icon to let you know it’s there. Furthermore, there is no way to control the application through a user interface. You only have a little taskbar choice that lets you apply complete transparency or a blur effect to your taskbar.

Step 6: The taskbar in Windows 11 is now totally transparent.

These were the methods for utilizing TranslucentTB to create a transparent taskbar in Windows 10. This is not to be confused with the transparency option in Windows 10 Settings, which can be found under Personalization. The Start button, taskbar, and Action Center may all be made translucent. It will not be transparent if you enable that option.

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