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Samsung Internet 15.0 browser lands in beta and further Focuses On security

Directly introduced on the Smartphones of the KoreanTech Giant, Samsung Internet is a web browser for Android that battles to take off. Version 15.0 has quite recently been delivered in beta with other advanced improved privacy features.

On the program: new antitracking innovation, change of the incognito mode, changing to Chromium 90, and lessening the utilization of information when users move  from one page or tab to another

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Better security during navigation

The beta variant of Samsung Internet 15.0 joins another component that safeguards you against fingerprint collection. This is an act of following network usage to associate data about web users. Equipped with “upgraded” antitracking innovation, this most recent beta adaptation of the browser permits you to shield yourself from it, similar to Brave or Firefox.

Likewise, the ” Delete browsing data” ” menu has been created and gives exact instances of what every alternative permit to delete. It is currently conceivable to erase saved forms or reserved files and images. An alternative that, as of now, exists in specific competitors.

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The last change in protection, the mysterious mode (incognito mode), has likewise been investigated by Samsung. Presently, private browsing is empowered as a matter of course until it is manually disabled instead of getting back to its typical state each time the application is opened.

Ever closer to Google Chrome

This new version is based on Chromium 90, a slight improvement over the Chromium 87 engine present on Samsung Internet 14. Without revolutionizing the speed to access sites, the browser supports some newer web APIs and updates itself.

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Like Google Chrome, Samsung Internet 15.0 can be declined in the smartphone’s home screen widget. It takes the form of a rounded search bar that provides instant access to the search engine you have selected in the browser. A shortcut for voice command is positioned on the right of it.

Finally, the beta version temporarily caches the web pages you have recently visited. Therefore, the app should consume less data and go much faster if you go back to navigation.

At the end of the beta-test period, the official launch of Samsung Internet 15.0 will occur at the end of the summer. Any Samsung Internet user will receive a notification on their device when the new version is launched.

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