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Why Do We Need IQ Testing?

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When we hear the word IQ, the first question which comes to mind is, Why do we need IQ testing? To this, an IQ score is not just a score of a test, it’s much more than that. 

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As we know that IQ is an intelligence quotient, and an intelligence quotient is a person’s intellectual ability. IQ score is a score based on several types of intelligence a person should have. 

However, a good IQ test having tests related to all types of intelligence is necessary to access accurate data and improve your IQ. 

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You should take a detailed good IQ test (there are many) just like to get an accurate score.  

Eight types of intelligence we need to understand to evaluate the need for IQ testing are:

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1.  Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

It is related to problem-solving and analytical skills. Skills with numbers, thinking, approaching, etc. Logical thought processes of the mind depend on this type of intelligence.

2.  Linguistic Intelligence

It is the intelligence needed to understand, listen, read and write languages. Not the programming languages. But the language we speak is what matters. If we can understand what someone is saying, getting the joke or metaphor, and replying to a question in the required manner.

3.  Spatial Intelligence

This intelligence helps someone understand imaging or 3d problems. Problems like understanding maps, structures, connections, drawing, painting, etc are related to this type of intelligence.

4.  Musical Intelligence

Understanding, listening, enjoying, playing instruments, composing, creating music tracks are related to this type of intelligence. It helps one in the field of music. 

5.  Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence

The ability to use your body for what you want is this type of specialty. Acting, dancing, running, wrestling are activities related to this type of intelligence. Use of body for your expression, even body language is also controlled by this type of intelligence.

6.  Intrapersonal Intelligence

It is the same as what its name suggests. Intrapersonal intelligence helps one in setting goals, knowing strengths and weaknesses, developing inner traits, etc. Knowledge of inner self, self-control is managed by this type of intelligence.

7.  Interpersonal Intelligence

Interpersonal traits like helping others, working in a team, meetings, stage activities that involve people around them are related to this type. Activities having the involvement of people are controlled by this type.

8.  Naturalistic Intelligence

Natural traits like liking animals, hiking, and environmental activities are related to this type of intelligence. The nature-related behavior and hobby of a person influence this type of intelligence. 

We need IQ testing to get a score and train ourselves to improve it. Just like, parents may be looking for their child’s IQ to help one grow. One may be looking for an IQ score to help one prepare for some certification or government job. 

By using the IQ score and understanding the above types of intelligence one can improve a lot. In addition to this, improvement is not only in terms of IQ. 

But also helps improve as a person, artist, dancer, music singer, or anything one wants to be. Many companies use their tests to judge the employee on various factors for employment. 

Also, job interviewers use body language to understand the situation and confidence of the interviewee. A star, singer, or stage performer uses these skills to perform on a big stage of which maximum people are afraid.

Mastering these eight types of intelligence skills one can do anything, achieve any goal one has imagined. 

For example, the singer needs to master music and interpersonal intelligence. A dancer needs to master bodily-kinesthetic and interpersonal intelligence. A fitness freak needs to master intrapersonal intelligence. 

These are only a few examples of why we need IQ testing? As a child, as a student, as an employee, or as a business owner. We all need to master or learn some or all intelligence types to nurture ourselves and succeed in our life.


Spend some time testing your IQ and find your score. Afterward, read the report carefully and apply only one suggestion or recommendation for at least ten days. Notice the difference and spend more time.

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