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6 Signs You Should Consider A New Career

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1. You just don’t feel a spark of excitement.

If you see yourself slipping up more and more each day, and you no longer feel enthusiastic about your work, it may prove you’re ready for a career move. It’s normal to feel burned out or tired by work sometimes, but if that’s all you feel, and you have no energy to work towards a new goal, it is definitely a sign to pay attention to. Even if you started out loving your work, life sometimes burns you out and makes you feel complacent.

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2. You don’t feel like your work matters or makes a difference.

Every day you get up, go to work, and possibly perform the same menial tasks. It actually starts to feel like you’re on auto-pilot, and whenever you want to get a new idea across to your superiors, you’re automatically shot down. Over time, you’ll probably lock in your skills and let them go to waste at your boring job where you aren’t living up to your potential. If this is how you feel daily, it’s time to make a change and choose a career where your voice matters and you can hone your skills. It’s important to empower yourself and provide an opportunity to raise self-esteem.

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3. You try to put off going to work.

Your alarm goes off and you reach for the snooze button, or you even fake sickness to avoid dealing with a project or your boss. This scenario happens to everyone, but what about feeling like you need a new excuse every day to avoid work? If weekends are your favorite time of the week, chances are, your current job role isn’t challenging or exciting for you. Making a change in your work will mean helping yourself rise to your potential.

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4. Your salary can’t counteract how you feel.

You have a job that pays well, but you can’t help but feel something is missing. Every day at work you stare at the clock hands and wait for them to signal that it’s time to go home. You used to tell yourself that you’re staying to pay your bills, but when you start thinking about it, you just dread starting this over again the next business day. This shows that you’re unhappy with your job and that you need a role where you can show your full potential.

5. Your relationships are starting to suffer.

It is okay for work to be challenging, but when it starts to drain your energy reserves, that’s how you know something’s not quite right. Insomnia, exhaustion, and constant migraines are just some of the ways your body is telling you it’s had enough. When you feel like your career is one long debilitating snooze fest, it starts to affect your relationships in more ways than one. For example, you’ll find yourself more irritable or you pick fights much too easily. This is a surefire path to bitterness that you may not want. In short, if this is how you feel, start exploring other options for your work!

6. You imagine yourself working anywhere but where you are.

When your lunch breaks are spent daydreaming about a life where you don’t have to do this job anymore, it’s a sign of things not going well. Instead of feeling happy for friends and family who are enjoying their work, you will undoubtedly start to feel envious. In fact, you may instinctively cringe when people ask about your work. You need to ask yourself this: if you could leave, would you? If you answer yes, it means that your career isn’t going anywhere and you’re unhappy at your work as it stands.

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