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Officially Leave Beta Status, Clubhouse Can Now Be Used Immediately Without Invitation

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The Clubhouse officially left the beta phase. After more than a year, the Clubhouse was finally only enriched. This means that you can download the Clubhouse app on iOS or Android from today, then use it right away without having to wait in line or invite friends who have already used it.

In its announcement, the Clubhouse explained that the invite system is an integral part of their history. The impression is like an exclusive pretentiousness, but this mechanism is Clubhouse used to minimize the problems that often arise when millions of new users suddenly appear simultaneously due to viral effects.

Opening up to the public is essentially a natural step the Clubhouse should take, especially given the growing number of competitors. Many consider the Clubhouse a bit late on this, but I think Clubhouse seems to deliberately choose a gradual route to keep it up to date from time to time — going viral in the first months of 2021, then back in the spotlight in May as it launches on Android, and now again a public talking point because it’s finally open to all.

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The Clubhouse also gives an idea of how far they have grown since the beginning of the year. His team grew from 8 people to 58 people. The number of rooms created by users every day rose from 50 thousand to 500 thousand. Since its Android version was released, the Clubhouse has also hosted about 10 million new users.

Last week, the Clubhouse also recently launched a messaging feature called Backchannel, and so far, there have been about 90 million messages sent. On average, users spend more than an hour chatting in the Clubhouse every day. To celebrate it all, the Clubhouse unveiled a new logo along with a new site.

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As we advance, the Clubhouse intends to bring a significant update every week or two. They also seem to be actively presenting exclusive content by collaborating with several parties. Recently, for example, they partnered with TED to broadcast exclusive content in the Clubhouse.

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