Chrome Has A Screenshot Feature Said To Have Google Lens Integration


Chrome has a screenshot feature said to have Google lens integration.

The screenshot feature will allow users to edit the screenshot from within Chrome. It is also said to have Google Lens integration. Until now, Chrome users could take a screenshot by pressing on the Print Screen button of the PC or laptop and were required to edit it on a separate app.

Alternatively, desktop Chrome users could also install a dedicated Chrome extension for taking screenshots. This made the options for users who wanted to take screenshots limited and the process elaborate. Now, with the dedicated tool in the works, Chrome users for the desktop will be at the ease of taking screenshots from within the browser.

When will launch?

The desktop versions of Chrome will get an expanded share menu with “Copy link,” “Copy link to text,” and screenshot options. The tool is still under development and will initially be hidden behind at least one of Chrome’s flags — chrome://flags, 9to5Google reported. The report speculates that the feature should roll out by Chrome 94 version which is likely to launch between late July and September.

Chrome’s desktop screenshot tool will initially cater to basic functions like taking a screenshot of what is visible. Once users take a screenshot, they will be given the option to download the image, edit it or share it. However, the options for the screenshot tool, in the beginning, will be limited, as users will be able to take regional screenshots or whatever is being displayed on the screen and these screenshots cannot be scrolled.

The screenshot tool is also speculated to come with a built-in editor and the ability to transfer it to Google Lens.

The discovery cited by reports points out a PWA for image editing which could mean a broad set of features as PWAs are meant to work like native apps. The option to share the screenshot will be limited to Chrome OS and Windows 10 with built-in sharing features similar to Android. Chrome for Android has also built a screenshot tool in the share menu. As of now, the tool only allows users to capture what is currently visible on the screen, crop it, share it, and save it to the user’s device.